Unreal! President Trump Attacked By Disgraced Pentagon Brass Here’s What Happened

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Kristinn Taylor from The Gateway Pundit reports, Fired Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer lashed out at President Trump in an interview with CBS News on the steps of the Pentagon Monday evening.
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96 thoughts on “Unreal! President Trump Attacked By Disgraced Pentagon Brass Here’s What Happened

  1. Demented Donald even turns on his own military to protect a murderer. What a vile, disgusting, despicable excuse for a human being.

    1. So YOU were THERE??? WHAT would YOU have done in same situation????!!!! Don’t bother to respond; we know the answer already!!

      1. If we are not going to stand up for our soldiers than don’t send the off to war. Spenser should be ashamed of himself. He is nothing but a big phony and would probably wet his pants if he was ever on the front lines

      1. Vietnam. 1969-70. US Army. 101st Airborne. I didn’t need to have a doctor’s excuse to avoid the draft, like your Dear Leader. I volunteered. And you?

        1. Gregory Smith, Thank you for your servic e sir, you did your duty and I doubt you shirked doing anything during the serving of your hitch! No one could know or respect the service of our vetrans having NEVER served due to using BONE SPURS to dodge the draft notices 5 TIMES! What a disgrace to vetrans as well as active serving military!!

          1. Thank you, Mary. At least there is someone on this website who has some sense and can read the writing on the wall. Most of the pea-brains who infest this site can’t think for themselves, so they have to have their Dear Leader do their thinking. It’s sad but true. They are along for the ride while Demented Donald sells the entire nation out to the Godfather, Vladimir Putin.

          1. Why does no one ask when Bill and Hillary and Obama serve? McCain served, but he was known as Songbird, by his fellow P.O.W.s. I guess serving doesn’t mean crap if you’re an idiot! Look at Vindman. He actually ADMITTED to insubordination by telling the Ukraine to ignore Trump. He also said he was afraid President Trump would subvert the policy he set up with the Ukraine. Funny thing about this having-served polished t_rd is that he doesn’t accept ONLY the president sets foreign policy, NOT a deep-state operative, like himself. One who served but is still a traitor. Anyone who HAS served or IS serving, thank you. For those of you who served and are traitorous, why?

    2. Trump Did not fire him he was fired by his boss the man in between him and Trump get it straight he could not follow the chain of command

    3. Donald, you need to realize you US govt are the murderer, Trump is but a puppet in this one way circus. Wake up realize the ignorance you and your fellow people who such a negative attitude.

    4. At least President Trump is a PROVEN Great-for-America, while Obama was great for refugees, illegals, terrorists, antifa, anti-God, anti-America, Russia, the Ukraine and other criminal enterprises like Fast and Furious wherein Eric Holder was indicted, but Obama pulled executive privilege. Learn truth and facts. If President Trump wanted to support a murder, he’d support Hillary Clinton.

    5. First on the Navy Seal to my knowledge there is no regulation against taking a photo with a combatant. 2nd, from what i have heard there were several junior enlisted personnel that had a gripe with the Chief and made the charge. 3rd. The Flag and others messed up all the way up the chain and should be removed from the Navy. 4th the final that he was found guilty most likely was Article 134 of the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) the catch all article. It’s anything you want to charge someone with it’s Article 134.

  2. Idiot officer who was fired for disobeying the Commander in Chief’s order that was set up by a military hating President Obama. Thanks Mr. President for having the backs of our military heroes.
    As usual, can’t keep his mouth shut! 🙂

  3. President Trump didn’t turn on his own military but on the kangaroo courts used to criminalize our warriors. Rules of engagement are criminal. “Don’t shoot unless they shoot at you”. Try defending yourself in those situations you idiot Gregory.

        1. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, fools. Putin’s puppet is selling you out to Vlad right now. Better brush up on your Russian. I hope you like borscht and blinis.

          1. And…. look…. NOTHING PROVEN! Now Obama, the Bidens, Pelosi, Little Adam Schitt and so many others will be soon exposed and you’ll whine even more!

      1. YOU seem to have a real TRUMP problem!! To say what you have said says VOLUMES about YOU!!! Take the log out of your OWN eye before pointing out the splinter in another’s!!

  4. Will somebody let me know when there is proved evidence that our President has violated our constitution, till then it all a bunch of BS to me.

    1. I totally agree..they r just like a part of the whiners on every station with masks on and fighting everyone…part of this country has gone sick…these r the kind of people who throw water and trash on our cops …then when something happens to them or at their house or with heir kids …oh then they want there help….traitors to the US..I am sick of the trash talk these actors and Liberal’s who can believe they lost 3 years ago…and it’s getting ready to happen again..look at the horrid people who r running on the opposite side…they r over the cliff…and AOC is backing crazy Bernie…that to me is hilarious…they r both losers…especially her

  5. Sprncer should have been fired long ago. he is a disdrace to Military lLeaders who stand up for their men. He is also proof why civilians should not be in charge of the Military

  6. Most of the Military has turned into a bunch of sissies and pussies. Trump is turning the Military back to what it is meant for, which is turn boys into men, not sissies and pussies.

    Trump 2020!!!

      1. I don’t recall ever seeing PRESIDENT Obama doing a ceremonial dance with the murderous Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. And Obama doesn’t have a son-in-law who had to borrow billions from Middle Eastern country to save his failing NYC office building. The entire Trump family is so corrupt. They are like a mob family, but not nearly as smart.

  7. Sob Sob Sob Wail Wail Wail.
    Alligator tears for a career politician.
    I agree with President Trump because the punishment did not fit the crime. The most Gallagher should have gotten, if anything, was a verbal reprimand.

    1. By the way, I don’t care about Gallagher posing for a picture with a dead terrorist. However, you should be reprimanded for giving an order to “not shoot unless fired upon”. Where’s the logic in that. If someone breaks into your house, don’t shoot them until the finish raping your wife? Does that make sense to you? You, Mr. Secretary are a self righteous idiot.


    1. I’m with U on every WORD ! THESE poor souls they call themselves know it ALL’S but don’t know a DAM N thing what OUR WARRIORS go through. U know it ALL’S in to send some SERIOUS time in the MILITARY and see what U would do in their place !!

    2. I very much agree to that! Look at what war criminals and the other soldiers on the opposite side has done to our men! They do not fight fair ever!

  9. Trump is the BEST President that we have had in the last 50 years!!! He may be a DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH, but at least HE’S WORKING FOR AMERICA and doing the BEST job EVER for ALL people!!!!

    1. He’s a POS! WORST, MOST CORRUPT president in American history. Selling you fools out to Putin and you are being led like sheep to a slaughter and you are too ignorant to see it. You Trumpsters deserve what you get.

      1. Well I guess Hillary and Bill didn’t sell us out to China either! Obama sold them one of our ports so it would help them invade us. I bet you had NO idea did you. You are the one drinking the koolaid.

    2. Hey Robbie! I will bet that at your age you never imagined yourself in a CULT, did you? Don’t worry, your Dear Leader will look after you, I am sure. If you ever do get disillusioned or you do finally see the light, let me know. I know a guy who knows a guy who is a deprogrammer. He’ll help you.

  10. It is amazing that the SecNav would complain that the Commander in Chief’s actions were a detriment to good order and discipline and fails to see the irony of His actions and insubordination.

  11. President Trump is a man for those that are on the front line, both military and those that work for a living, the forgotten men and women that support their families and pay taxes. The democrat-controlled Congress under Obama’s presidency has brought the military’s ‘fight to win by any means’ motto to none effect. Once again, the working man, the military working man, is under the watchful eyes of the pencil pushers of government that don’t care and do not know and never had a job on the front lines. It’s time for America to make military service mandatory for all to learn humility and gratitude.

  12. Well, do not cry in your beer. I was in Vietnam and worked with the Seals and as Usual, the Navy wants a scapegoat as an example for other combat troops to toe the line. When we got to Vietnam on the River patrol Boats we got MACV 10 general rules for combat troops in Vietnam. They were ridiculous and were disregarded. I was proud of the Seals, Green Berets, and other Special Forces that the PBR’S backed up in Vietnam and Cambodia.
    I am proud of President Trump for his actions for our combat troops. All other comments are made by desk jockeys.

  13. I’m with U on every WORD ! THESE poor souls they call themselves know it ALL’S but don’t know a DAM N thing what OUR WARRIORS go through. U know it ALL’S in to send some SERIOUS time in the MILITARY and see what U would do in their place !!

        1. Don’t be sad, Puls. Soon we will all be drinking vodka and eating caviar for breakfast. Your Dear Leader is selling you out to Putin and you don’t even realize it. What fools!

        1. Keep chugging the Kool-Aid, Comrade. Uncle Vlad can use more tough guys like you. You put your life on the line in Vietnam, like I did, while your Dear Leader stayed home nursing his “bone spurs.” And you support this coward? What a fool!

  14. Well I guess Hillary and Bill didn’t sell us out to China either! Obama sold them one of our ports so it would help them invade us. I bet you had NO idea did you. You are the one drinking the koolaid.

    1. Moscow on the Hudson, hell, It’s Moscow on the Potomac! Vlad’s got videotapes, and he ain’t afraid to show ’em when the time is right. Better toe the line, Demented Donald.

    1. Only if he gets plenty of help from his boss, Vladimir Putin. I hope you speak Russian, dude. You’re going to need it!

  15. Every military person, whether a low pay grade or a general officer, is fully aware that you follow orders, and if you believed the order was not appropriate, you respectively gave your concern about the order to your senior official. It would be proper for the person receiving the order to discuss the order with his senior official, and the concern be either confirmed or forwarded to the person who issued the order. Then, that official would either confirm the order or change the order. If the SECNAV approved the punishment to this SEAL, but was overruled by the POTUS (Commander-in-Chief), then the SECNAV should have followed the POTUS directive. That would have been the proper action to take — through the chain of command. I spent 30 years in the Air Force, and there were times when an order would be issued that I thought was not proper. I provided my senior official of my personal recommendation, and my official would either confirm the order or forward my recommendation up the chain of command until it reached the person who initially issued the order. During my service time, there were times when I witnessed an individual questioning an order from a senior official. I sometimes saw an order changed, and sometimes saw the order fulfilled. That was the type of military discipline I accepted and believed it to be correct. Failure to obey a lawful order is an offense which could very well result in a person either being fired, or admonished, or even put in prison. The same general procedure exists in non-military business life also.

  16. they all like to put trump down for what he did but people have very short memories bathtub barry he pardon a woman who had committed treason and was court martialed and found guilty all this guy was found guilty of was taking a picture with a dead guy. how many times we’ve seen these terrorist showing on tv them beheading their victims or beating them or torturing them. president trump is surround by a bunch of vipers.

  17. My dad served in WW2 my son served, my husband served, all of my dad’s brothers served. There were 5 boys in dad’s family, All served proudly and thank God all returned home safe and sound. Trump stands behind our military. He loves our country and has definitely made it a better place to live and raise a family. Obama hated our country and did everything in his power to destroy us. He was the biggest fraud that ever existed in American politics He was our first anti-American and Un-American Muslim president. His primary goal upon becoming president was to destroy our constitution and create an entitlement society where Republicans would be in the minority and could never win an election .Then he tried to rig the 2016 election so he could be the puppeteer and pull Hillary’s strings to further the destruction of our Great Country. Then along came Trump, and to this date , the Dems never had a Plan B as they were sure Hilary would win and they still can’t come to the reality that a business man is running the country, and not just another politician.

  18. You guys are absolutely bonkers! Get ahold of reality! Richard Spencer has integrity; Trump does not! Spencer isn’t “disgraced” because he was fired by Trump; it’s a badge of honor! Spencer gets to go out with his head held high. When Trump goes, he will not!

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