Trump Responds To Nancy’s Sham War Powers Vote That Proves He’s the Only Commander in Chief!

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Eric A. Blair from The Gateway Pundit reports, President Trump on Thursday that Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani “were looking to blow up our embassy” in Iraq before Trump ordered the U.S. military to take the terrorist out.
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79 thoughts on “Trump Responds To Nancy’s Sham War Powers Vote That Proves He’s the Only Commander in Chief!

      1. The Constitution gives the power to declare war to the Congress, not the president. Before entering WW1 and WW2 it was necessary for President Wilson and President Roosevelt to ask Congress to make the declaration since they did not have the power to do so. In addition the Constitution gives the power to fund war only to Congress. Thus if the president tries to go to war on his own, he would be exceeding his Constitutional powers.

        1. That may be true, but if you look at presidential powers in the Constitution, the president has power to order simple strikes WITHOUT congressional notification or permission, which is what he did. He did NOT declare war on his own and so congress is without any say.

          1. No, it does not. The the Commander in Chief Clause gives the President the exclusive power to command the military in offensive operations APPROVED BY CONGERSS

        2. The reason the President decided not to inform the Democrats is because they have
          been known to leak information- after all the Democrats would have spilled the beans
          especially the Squad who probably would have warned the Iranians as to what the
          President was up to . In both the cases with regard to Presidents Wilson and
          Roosevelt perhaps , at that time, Congress could be trusted not to leak the
          intentions of both Presidents- today with this particular Congress with members
          who hate America is a lot different .

      2. Hey Essex, He’s made Polasi, Schiff , Schumer, Obama, Hillary and the rest look like the village idiots they are
        and your lapping at the feet of those morons so what does that make you?

    1. Iran is a threat to the United States. They threaten us constantly. The United States has always used preemptive strikes to prevent hostile countries from striking us first. We don’t hear too much from the dumbo-crats about John Kennedy (who was the first US president to send American fighting troops into Vietnam), even though Vietnam posed no threat to the United States. Now we realize that going into Vietnam was all a big mistake. Iran is a threat to us and Vietnam never was.

  1. Ayatolla -Iran- and their PR Crew-Nancy P,Schumer,Adam Shief, Jerry Nadler, All Democrat Presidential Candidates, All Congressional Democrrats. In my opinion they should be charged with Treason and Impeached for violating their Oath Of Office. Oh,Yes we can not forget the Media all 3 letter Abc.Nbc,Cbs,MSNBC,CNN and all Liberal news print.
    I am Livid beyound Thought from their Idiocy.

    1. I completely with the statement that the idiots who are bad-mouthing Trump and sympathising with Iran should be arrested and prosecuted for treason. Mr Trump was doing what our Commander-In Chief should do, protecting America!!

      1. can’t do that, our boys (&girls) fought to protect everyone (even these idiots) right to say what they think, no matter how stupid it makes them look 🙂

  2. NO ! He’s NOT the Commander in Chief ! He’s some kind of CLOWN trying to be President ! He will NEVER be MY President ! Nancy Pelosi will get him out of office. I would have stopped him before he was elected if I could.
    He thinks the world is laughing at us. NO, they’re laughing at HIM ! All other countries have gotten together and laughed
    at him, but HE doesn’t get it ! IMPEACH and REMOVE FROM OFFICE ! !

    Everyone knows all about TRUMPS criminal history and it will live with him as long as he’s alive, and will probably go to HELL with him too ! We know THAT’S where he will go because Heaven will not let someone like him in heaven !

    1. Anybody who can take Trump to court for crimes committed has done so, and he has been punished. I just wish the Clintons and Obamas could be taken to court for the crimes they have committed, but so far no lawyers or judges have had the gonads to do that. Maybe AG Barr can get that accomplished.

    2. Tarnished? Probably.! Can he be cleaned up? Can he be used by an Almighty God? Can he get to heaven? Yes he can but not through good works. Only through the “BLOOD of JESUS” and accepting him by faith. If the liberal party were on their knees praying for the God of heaven to intercede I’d have more confidence in them. Republicans perfect? No way! But the party within itself still retains God in their knowledge. It’s not parties though. It’s GOOD and EVIL at each other’s throats. Only God can fix this! Not Biden, Not Trump! I believe God can use either but the vessels need a good cleaning from the Holy God. He is in control! No matter what good prevails in the end. The country who loves God and stands for Israel are the winners! in God we Trust! God Bless the USA!!!

    3. Richard you are about the dumpiest AH to ever speak. This statement only make any sense is you are trying to make a joke. Otherwise you should never need to go out in public. I would normally say think about it but your too stupid but still look at what he has done for America and not what he has taken away from the pockets of Democrats.

    4. Criminal history is a figment of your imagination. Take the advice of Rickey Gervailis: go away and f**k off. Nobody cares about your opinion. If there were any criminal history to find it would have been found by Meuller an or the Schiff show.

    5. Richard you must be a Commie Democrat. We finally have a great President in the White House. What a leader We are a safer Country then we’ve been since President Reagan. We had 4 wimps for 28 years. He’s a strong man. Thank God for President Trump’s from the desk of Rick and Kara the Patriots

    6. You just demonstrated for all to see your abject ignorance, hate, and stupidity! Stuff it, dweeb! This nation has enough problems without being saddled with the likes of you.

    7. HELL was made For DEMOCRATS , with room for just a few others. The only reason that Pelosi, and her clowns and Richard is not there yet is because the Devil is afraid that they will try to take over.

    8. You really ARE clueless Rchard Fuoco. Whether you like it or not, Trump is the POTUS which makes him the Commander in Chief of the United States!! And again, whether you like it or not, since Trump is the POTUS which MAKES him YOUR President. YOU ARE CERTAINLY THE CLOWN!!!!

    9. Richard Fuoco. You think you know GOD and that he would eliminate certain people from Heaven do you? You. think you know something about a President of the USA and a criminal history. I absolutely hate responding to the craziness of your blurb here because most people would see how ridiculous your statements are. HOW ABOUTS SOME TRUTH HERE RICHARD.
      1. President Trump is the “Commander ib Chief”. Your snide remarks do not change that.
      2. You would not have stopped him before he was elected. Even if you think you could have. Your Boast is childlike.
      3.Nancy Pelosi will not succeed in eliminating him from office. She or the rest of the Democrats don’t have the Mojo.
      4.The World is not laughing Richard. They are concerned that President Trump is serious about America First. If they laugh
      it is because they are nervius because they have taken advantage of us before and now they will see a difference.
      5.President Trump is a businessman Richard. You wouldn’t know what that entails, but he is a winner. Wealthy and knows
      What America needs to be the Greatest Nation on Earth. There will never be a comparison. HE IS NOT A CRIMINAL.
      HE has never been convicted of anything Richard and he hires the best he can find in his business adventures.
      6. He does not take a salary as President Richard. Please find me a President who turns his earnings back to charity.

    10. When Nancy can’t get him out of office and he’s re-elected how r you going to feel ..?? Soon all u libs will be crying when trumps wins 2020 the swamp will go down fast all the crooked dems will be the ones in hell liars cheats and hypocrites ….. impeach for what still no crime no evidence so?????? Going nowhere Nancy n pencil neck shift should be shot for treason they r the exact reason for our 2nd amendment crimes actually committed and proof they did lots more than trump ever cou

    11. wow RJFyour mind has blow away you don’t even know what in heck your even talking about you are way out in left field how stupid can you get right now your showing us all just how stupid you really are grow up and get a life you fool

  3. Congress exists to make laws, not to control either the Executive branch OR the Judicial branch. The SCOTUS will undoubtedly rule that congress cannot make laws that change the balance between the three parts of US government.

  4. This has to be a joke, for the Congress has no say in military actions as per the Constitution, only the president and the generals can make the decisions on military actions, the only thing that the congress has a say in is declaring war on another country and even that the president has the final say no matter what the congress says!!! These politicians don’t have a clue about

      1. He is smarter than you PAUL. He turned the running of the military while at war over to military veterans. They are the ones conducting the action. The President is smart enough to stay away after decisions are made.

  5. Excu-u-u-se me! Since when was Obama the Commander-in-Chief of our military forces and not now President Trump??? Get your facts straight before making a fool of yourself, or don’t you care? TRUMP 2020

  6. PRESIDENT Trump has been treated so badly by the DEMOCRATS . It’s such a shame for any one to be put through what he has gone through. The news media hates to report good news especially the good thar President Trump has accomplished. Nancy Pelosi has a problem with anyone who doesn’t do things her way. PRESIDENT Trump has had the guts to do what no other President has done STAND UP FOR AMERICA. SERVE HIS COUNTRY AND DO RIGHT BY THE PEOPLE. NANCY PELOSI, WHAT have you done? Nothing but try to take over. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND MAY GOD BE WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY. GREAT JOB!!

  7. It’s amazing how so many people make fools of themselves because they don’t take the time to check out facts before posting comments.
    Also, it doesn’t make you look very smart when comments are laced with profanity. What happened to showing respect to the office of the President. It doesn’t matter if you personally like the person or not. What does matter is, he was duly elected to serve in that capacity for four years. He loves this Country and its citizens. I’m so thankful for what President Donald Trump has accomplished without the support of the Democrats.


  9. I thank GOD every day for a really good President that we have here in the U.S. in Donald Trump. Thank you so much President Trump for loving this country so much.

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