Trump Makes AOC Look Like A Fool With One Move Proving He’s a Great President

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Tim Pearce from Washington Examiner reports, President Trump walked back his threat to hit Iranian cultural sites in response to any attack on a U.S. target. Trump told reporters that the United States would follow applicable laws when engaging in armed conflict with Iran.
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47 thoughts on “Trump Makes AOC Look Like A Fool With One Move Proving He’s a Great President

  1. The operative words here are “Walked Back”. In the past the right wing was not so gentle about a “Flip-Flop” position. The fact that this emotionally challenged Trump would even think about making such an international war crime act, let alone state it in public, is something we all need to be seriously concerned about, before Trump does something more to provoke his already disastrous actions. We cannot afford to wait for him to make a horrible un-reversible mistake and regret later.

    1. You are a typical ignorant liberal fool. Do some real research on the Internet and you might get some truth on everything! Stop watching the lame Stream media BS!

      1. SHEPOLE Can’t help but follow the IGNORANT PROPAGANDA PUSHING IDIOTS OF THE MSM, DC, HOLLYWOOD and CONGRESS. They have no idea what is really going on so they just follow the rest of the IDIOTS off the cliff. Good thing is most of AMERICA isn’t so STUPID and do their research.

    2. This analysis from someone who is in such a deep state of denial is pitiful and laughable. His biggest decision today was hold the pickle-guess what? He ate it anyway! Hey Marian!! too bad you’ll never see it!

      1. I AGREE … ROSS. These people opposing the President are just weakening the whole country…. Good thing they are a small group of IRRELEVANT IDIOTS and PROPAGANDA EATING FOOLS. TRUMP 2020 and Beyond.

    3. Jr. your just another liberal coward. Here’s some info for you. We have been fighting Iran for 40years. Whom do you believe is causing the death and maiming of our troops all over the world with IED’s Iranian backed terrorist. Your coward god Obama, went so far as to fund their terrorist plots and penned a non-binding agreement on nuclear weapons, with little inspections. I for one will not want our leaders just sitting there cowering in their seats waiting for Iran the complete a nuclear weapon. You think N.korea is bad. Iran would make then look like children in a play ground. Iran is a very serious problem, they after 40 years needs to be dealt with before we are truly harmed.

    4. You are an idiot and please research the issues before you open your mouth. Trump made the right decision and I am so happy he is our President. Without Trump, we would be slaves by now if Hillary was leading us.

  2. Making the small minded socialist AOC look like a fool is not a great accomplishment. After all, she does that herself constantly.

      1. Like send them 400 + million muzzies! Hey! I am all for that. We could just “drop them off” while flying by.

        HMMM. Maybe we best not fly the muzzies to iran, Iran shoots other people’s airliners down for no reason.

        1. Not a problem, just send a couple wings of the Air Force for cover. While doing a fly over have a mechanical malfunction and accidentally drop several MOABS for effect!

  3. Please – a 5 year old could make AOC look like a fool. As for Iran in any way, shape or form being a treasure, maybe she and her friends should go visit there. Not on an official visit, but just to see what they are rooting for when they don’t have body guards to keep them from seeing the seedy side of things.

      1. Marian, did you parents have any children not born brain dead? Trump will never resign or get removed from the PRESIDENCY. After he wins the next election (IN A LANDSLIDE)…his sons ERIC and Don Jr could each have 8 years…then Ivanka could take over. Trump for the next 28 years!! Wouldn’t that be fantastic?? You liberal, communist snowflakes will be forever banished.

    1. Yes this blog site and several others are fake conservative sites. They are fans of CNN and liberals. These wack jobs are duping you and they do it to make money selling ads here.

  4. That AOC creature is one of the most ignorant people that I have ever come across and when she is always yelling about racists she needs to look in the mirror because her numerous rants show who the real racist is

  5. Well JR, you are a real piece of work. I bet it only took 30 secs. To get you totally brain washed. Sad thing is that you are allowed to vote which the lives of thousands of solders were sacrificed for your socialist thinking. Why dont you move to Venzuela or russia. I am sure you would fit in.

  6. AOC is as dumb as a box of rocks! Spreading her socialism crap , green new deal and climate change garbage is disgusting. Don’t the young people know nothing in life is free? That includes college and free insurance. Where are these dumb socialists getting the money to pay for these benefits Taxing the rich 90 percent will cause them to leave the country! Why would they work for free? GOD is in charge of the climate & has been for millions of years! Even NASA says it’s a hoax … just like AOC !

  7. LOOK: I am not an authority on Gov’ts etc but, I was born in the 50’s and I can tell you this; I have seen many countries come and go, some quick and some not so quick. But one law of truth is this, the is one Govt and one political system that works, has worked and continues to work and that is a govt of Laws and the Free Enterprise system! Communism never works for very long, and socialism is only a precursor and a monetary arm of communism. Fascism doesn’t work for long and Marxism doesn’t work either for long! History shows this to be true. In time though, even Capitalism will fail because its people are failing! they are to ready to get FREE stuff and so will end up each and every system in ruins! The truth is MEN never learn by their past, they just keep repeating that history!!

  8. AOC was illegally elected as she did not live in the district where she was elected. But I guess that doesn’t matter to Demoncrats. I love her picture as a target. somebody needs to use it for real.

  9. When the beaver gets the boot she can start side show the old wrinkled up prune peloosey eating popcorn out of coke bottle

  10. President did the right thing by taking out this person that was responsible for so many deaths of Americans. The Dumocrats are grasping at straws to try to find anything they can to have our Duly Elected By We The People for Donald Trump to be our President. He has done a better job at taking care of Americans than any President during my life time. I am a 68 years old Veteran and still proud of it and I voted for Donald Trump and I will do it again.

  11. AOC didn’t need President Trump’s help in making her look like a fool. She is doing a fine job of looking like a fool on her own. But, I am extremely proud that President Trump reinforced what most of us already know.

  12. I got so tired of reading the nasty comments that I just quit. Don’t have any idea of who you Trump sheep think you are, but you sure overate the little intelligence you have and appear to know nothing. but belittling. Belittling doesn’t take much thought or brainpower so that is probably the reason you do it. You might try being a little civilized and stop it.

  13. The day the Trumper becomes a great President will never dawn. He makes James Buchanan look like Lincoln. He is unqualified for the office, ignorant of world affairs, let alone the Constitution. For the first time since the end of WW2, the credibility of the US as a world leader, whose support can be counted on by allies, is in question. Abandoning the Kurds is a prime example of this and a shame for the country. Impeachment cannot come soon enough!

  14. I wonder why AOC and her cronies want the Culture and history of Confederate America destroyed? After all many brave men and women died for independence and lost. Lincoln stated “The South could keep their slaves if they stayed in the Union.” They decided they wanted to govern themselves as a different country.

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