Trump Comes Through! Americans Celebrating! MassiveStimulus Package Will Save America!

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Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit reports, The White House and Senate leaders reached a deal early Wednesday morning for a massive stimulus package to bolster the economy during the CV outbreak. The package will reportedly contain aid for both workers and businesses. Hospitals will also receive significant funding.
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32 thoughts on “Trump Comes Through! Americans Celebrating! MassiveStimulus Package Will Save America!

  1. Adam Schiff is continually working very hard…to SINK the US. He doesn’t seem to be able to show pride in his country, just disdain. Trump is doing what a “business man” would do with a company would do and all his corporate experience – the achievements and failures trained him for today’s situation. We could NOT have voted for a better President unless it was Jesus Christ Himself. Not saying Trump is a “god” – no one of mankind is. He is sincerely working very hard to sustain all of us and our businesses. We ALL must thank him AND the liberals must learn HOW to thank him…THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT… and STOP poking at Mrs. Trump!!! Darn liberals…kiss the feet of BO who was the WORST POTUS EVER but they don’t know that Trump has saved the US. GET OVER YOUR 2016 LOSS AND THE FACT YOU’LL BE IN THE SAME BOAT IN 2020!!!

    1. Me, too! But why didn’t we get a second stimulus, that they were talking about first? Did the democrats stop that, too?

    2. Oh, did he have a vote in the senate and one in the House? The only part he had on this was ceremonial by signing the bill, he had no other choice. We should thank those persons that negotiated the bill thru and constitutionally voted for enactment.

  2. Democrats are so infatuated in making Trump look bad, they can’t see the forest for the trees, when it comes to doing something good for the country. Nancy Pelosi is all about herself, this is proven, that during a time of Pandemic she is worried about the Performing Arts getting money and opening the borders. (Opening the borders ought to help our problem with the pandemic) This woman does not have a good thought in her head. (Seemingly as if the alcohol is controlling her good judgement).

    1. I’m not sure that it isn’t alcohol clouding her judgement but it may be just age old senility, or combination of the two. She has continually seemed to have been losing touch with the main body of the public who have supported her in the past. I believe that the only folks that still support her are the liberals in CA & the ultra-elite of the democratic party. I believe that she has several health problems that she should be concerned about. What? I’m not sure what they might be, but she is obviously not well just looking at her in the media. I kind of feel sorry for the woman; she was at the top of her political career until the president took the nomination of 2016, then against all the democratic oddsmaker in the 2016 election, the presidency. It has been a downward spiral for both she and Chuck Schumer since. If they house does not sign the 2 trillion dollar bill tomorrow, I truly believe the democratic party will lose most of the party members soon after. We, the public, the regular Joe’s and Ann’s of the American Public, need that bill to be able to take care of our families and our extended families. The mainstream politicians who have been in office for several years up to several decades, donot need the finances that the rest of us working types do. The difference is most of us earn our money day to day, week to week, paycheck to paycheck. Not by having sold our principles, integrity and honesty down the drain for what an individual(s) has told us that they will give us for allowing them to achieve without the need to let the rest of the population know what they want or are doing. I know that that statement sounds garbled, but if you read it word for word, using the commas as breaks, that you will understand what I’m saying. I have had four strokes, and lost a great amount of my memory, and mental capacity. What has not changed is my respect, love, and loyalty to this country. I believe that Donald Trump, whether as an independent or republican has been the best man for the job of president, and that he will be in the next four years as well. In case any of you are wondering it took me nearly ONE HOUR to be able to get these thoughts down in this text.

        1. Couldn’t have said it better. Nasty Nancy has lost her way. She is committing Political Suicide. No one will trust the Democrat’s if she com=ntinues to do We the People so bad. I agree with all you had to say but to be truthful I do not feel abit sorry for her. I think she knows what she is doing . She is only wanting to destroy this country and bring us to our knees. She doesn’t care about the American people only her own selfish agenda. God Bless our Country and our President .

  3. Who could done a better job than Trump? Don’t even think Biden could or even Obama! The difference is neither one of them has held a real job outside of POLITICAL! There are a few women who complained about Trump because he a WHITE MAN! I’m sure the woman who started the website call WOMAN OF COLOR, know that she NOTHING but a RACIST! I read her notes, she a Democrat SUPPORTER. But a dumb one! First of all she make no point in attacking Trump! Just show her HATE and RACIST toward white people! It not any white person fault for your thinking! You choose to follow those who has misleading your RACE! Just don’t forget Trump dated BLACK woman before and he is for ALL AMERICANS AND ALL RACE!

  4. We can fire a missal from a drone. and hit a target, in the back seat of a moving vehicle, from, almost anywhere in the world. So, why is this treasonous peace of Sh–, still here ? Can, just, ONE DEMOCRAT explain to me, what giving amnesty to illegal immigrants has to do, with or economy, or the current virus ? I know ONE BAD VIRUS, that we can cure instantly, with NO HELP, from the government. This is what happens, when a rancher doesn’t thin his herd ! You end up with Pelosischifschumer C D_20, (one Ugly Virus), running uncontrolled, through out our country, infecting Millions, a Millions of, innocent, Men, woman, and children, and laying waste, just like San Francisco, to our great land ! Pelosischifschumer CD-20, must be eradicated, and it must be done immediately, anyway possible. The Curse, cannot be worse, than the cure ! We, the People, must, all come together, against this rabid disease, and Stop it, once and for all !

  5. This is crappy piece of legislation. It giants corporations heaps of money, has some relief for small business (the backbone of the country), it allows employees to be laid-off (if they haven’t been already) or fired. There is no moratorium on foreclosures or evictions. A miniscule amount of money for workers and their families (tax payers, voters who votes they want to remain in power), makes sure so-called relief money is counted as income for tax purposes, extends unemployment insurance (what happens when that runs out Congress?) but has earmarked $350M for foreign refugees that have absolutely nothing to do with a cure for the virus. Etc…No one should be happy about this.

    1. I have mailed both Feinstein and Matsui demanding they enact legislation to remove the Pelosi items from the Virus bill. If they will not I asked them to provide me their rationale for not doing such. Clearly, Pelosi has abused her office AGAIN. We cannot allow her to sit there and take actions prohibited by our US Constitution. I am seeking a Democrat House Member who will initiate the action to remove Pelosi from the Speaker position. Any takers?

    2. Brenda, The big corporations employ hundreds and thousands of people. This is not a bail out, this is so they can keep the hundreds and thousands of wrkers on the payroll. This is nothing like you think. And Brenda yes there is, evictions, cannot happen for a length of time. Please. please go read it. You will feel a lot better. And you will see POTUS and team have created hope for us.

    1. Or citizens that don’t make enough to pay taxes.I worked my whole life, had my own business. My wife is totally disabled, I had to shut down my business to take care of her and raise our two sons. We live on her Social Security disability and her duty disability from work. I cook for her, shop and take her to appointments all the time, dress her, undress her and everything she needs I can’t work at a job because she needs 24 hr. care. So we live on about
      $30,000. a year. No stimulus help for us ..because we can’t pay taxes. But Pelosi wants to give illegals free money for sneaking into America, and she steals money from her constituets in San Francisco to become a millionaire several times over. The government doesn’t care about the poor struggling to take care of our families, they only care about themselves. But they call me several times a day asking for donations for their party or candidate. It’s sickening

      1. Stephen there is a number to call and fill out a form as you did not have to pay taxes, Will try to find it.

  6. If you’re cheering for this piece of legislation, you’re not paying attention. This is a big bank, big business bailout just like the one Obama did in 2008. Except it’s worse. It gives 350,000,000 for refugees, 25,000,000 to a theater for the elites, and gives way more money to the big corporations, percentage-wise, than to the people who really need it.

    1. Every American citizen, regardless of political affiliation, MUST contact the office of Nancy Pelosi and DEMAND SHE amend the Virus legislation to remove the items she placed therein such as performing arts, money for illegals, etc. We must demand her resignation and we can accomplish this if EVERY patriotic American contacts her office and demand she resign her position as Speaker. She used underhanded methods to place her pet projects into the virus legislation causing its delay for days on end. wake up America., clean house.

  7. One of my big issues with it is it provides money for cruise lines when Disney, Carnival and Princess all sail under foreign flags to avoid paying U.S. taxes. Beyond that, one: if trump weren’t so inept in responding, we wouldn’t need to spend that much taxpayer money and two: it amazes me how you people bash socialism but are so supportive of it when it may mean money in your pocket. That’s morally repugnant.

    1. Hey Scott27, this is Dave79. Haven’t you noticed every time PRESIDENT Trump opens a door The Wicked Witch of the West slams it shut faster than you can say Jack Robinson Shot The Crow? Like Ancient Rome we are under siege by the Radical Left and invaded by uninvited outsiders. Trump is akin to the Little Dutch Boy only the water behind the dike (NOT dyke) is a mixture of H2SO4, HCL, and HF that is eating the dike around him.
      Did all that go over your head or did you get an old fashioned education?

    2. Communism clouds the vision of of it’s victims. Cetox immediately before you are so addicted you can not see truth in anything.

      1. Well, graywolf, for one, there was not one word of untruth in what I said. Secondly, you obviously don’t know the difference between communism and socialism. Thirdly, if you participate in receiving money, then you are participating in a socialist program (which you do every day of your life and just don’t realize it.)

  8. I don’t know if it was the original or this one, but I was told Nancy put a raise in there for Congress. She is playing games like this during the pandemic. I hope everyone remembers this when it is time to vote.

    1. Brenda…. that’s nonsense alt-right garbage. I don’t agree with everything in the bill, but she never proposed a raise for congress. One of the hangups was she wanted language to prevent trump and his kids from profiting off of it… or maybe you’re one of those who is fine with letting the clan rake this country for even more money.

    2. Good last thought, but they won’t. The majority of all the congresscritters are NG — except, or course, the one I elect.

  9. coyote.. or dave, or whatever you call yourself today, you obviously don’t know who you’re talking to. trump certainly opened the door for this situation we now find ourselves in by essentially gutting the CDC as unnecessary in 2018 and then refusing to pay attention to the warnings as early as December.. “… it’ll be down to near zero in a couple of days.” Or have you been choosing to ignore the medical professionals from coast to coast? And $2 trillion? Who is going to pay for that? And who benefits the most? Why are we bailing out corporations that pay no tax? It should all go to small businesses and workers and families. But you can be a sheep and believe all the lies you’re told. I’m sorry you are not at least a little smarter.

  10. Every industry needs help, all have lost business, in order to bounce back everyone except the rich must be helped with this stimulus pkg. And our job as Americans must do our part by following the Rules to rid this Nasty Chinese Virus, lets not sugar coat it- it is what it is, As far as pelosi and the rest of them, time has come that they are all voted out , none wanted to help their so call American People but had no choice due to 2020 election.Wow, being more concern for other things that she should had gotten during the obama eight years then honest concern over what the Americans are going through right NOW, They are evil socialist liberal demoRats. Vote Them Out.

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