Trump Challenger Bill Weld Has BS Border Wall Logic That’ll 100% Lose Him The Election!

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The Hill reports, Republican primary challenger Bill Weld is accusing President Trump of using the border wall as a “scare tactic” for his own political benefit. Trump made the construction of a wall along the southern border central to both his campaign and tenure in office.
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16 thoughts on “Trump Challenger Bill Weld Has BS Border Wall Logic That’ll 100% Lose Him The Election!

  1. the worst president this country ever had, had the most scandals, also with people in his administration

    who are liars for him as a loyal slave to that monkey that was in the whiIte house and almost distroyed

    the USA HE IS A DISCRACE to this country and i still believe he was born in kenja should be deported


  2. Bill Weld thinks because he has money, which he probably stole from insider trading, that people will want him as our president. The only ONE WE WANT IS TRUMP, not you!

    Go back to where you came from because we do not care what you think. Oh, go live in the border towns for a week and then we will see how your tune changes.

  3. Weld would do well to save his money and use it to purchase land in another country. Preferably MEXICO, where he can live with the people that he thinks should live here. TRUMP 2020!!! KAG

  4. Bill Weld is like a Tootsie roll in a SEPTIC TANK – with logic like that, hopefully he won’t be found. He’s as INSANELY STUPID as they come. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great again).

  5. Life in ritzy Boston “ain’t like living here on the border” where 1000 – YES ONE THOUSAND – illegals were apprehended IN ONE WEEK roughly 25 miles from my house!

  6. Weld’s dive into the Charles River (in Boston) must have given him an elongated case of hypothermia .Sugest he rehab in the warmth of Mexico’s hot spots

  7. Civil war is coming when the skies darken the night the streets across the nation will hear screams and violence firstly from dems, and those repub. homes who defied the peoples verdict and mandatory of the elected will street justice arrive. This is all over the street news. You guys do not hear anything.

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