The Top Eight Most Totalitarian Proposals in The Wake of the COVID-19 Threat

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As governments around the nation and the world struggle to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, lots of proposals have emerged. In his press conference Friday, President Trump brought together corporations to handle the crisis via private industry. Other politicians have suggested much more draconian uses of governmental power. Many Americans have begun to succumb to the siren call of the government doing something, perfectly willing to surrender their civil liberties out of fear of the unknown. The furthest-left of America’s politicians have responded, demanding that this crisis lead to state seizure of several industries. This harkens back to Rahm Emmanuel’s famous directive when he served as Barack Obama’s chief of staff: Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Here now are the top eight most totalitarian socialist proposals to use the coronavirus crisis to seize the means of production for the state, destroy the Bill of Rights, kill capitalism, and remove personal liberties from every American. And one friendly reminder that socialism always leads to communism and totalitarianism—because it has to.

1. AOC jumped in front of the coronavirus parade to demand, once again, the use of government force to make businesses pay workers who get sick, or who took out student loans, or who had business before the court. Because all of that will stop the virus

2. A federal court in Washington unilaterally suspended the Fifth-Amendment right to due process, and Sixth-Amendment guarantee of a speedy trial

3. Raise your hand if you ever thought the Third Amendment would ever get overturned

According to the Palm Springs Desert Desert Sun,

The state of California is empowered to take over hotels, motels, and medical facilities in order to quarantine, isolate or treat coronavirus patients, per a multi-pronged executive order released by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday.

Ok, California hasn’t quartered troops yet, but taking over privately owned facilities by the force of an executive order to house other citizens certainly qualifies as overreach.

4. Champaign, Illinois, Mayor violates the entire Bill of Rights, gives herself power to ban sale of guns, ammunition, gasoline, alcohol, utilities

Let’s count how many parts of the Constitution Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen proposes to violate:

Champaign Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen has issued an executive order declaring an emergency in the city.

City officials said the emergency is related to the COVID-19, which is anticipated to cause an impact on the health of community members. Champaign Municipal Code allows the mayor to declare an emergency for a limited time.

Included in the executive order are ordinances that would give the city extraordinary powers to the Mayor.

  • Violating parts of the Open Meetings Act
  • Ban sale of firearms and ammunition
  • Ban sale of any alcohol
  • Closing of all bars, taverns, liquor stores, etc
  • Ban sale or giving away of gasoline or other liquid flammable or combustible products in any container other than a gasoline tank permanently fixed to a motor vehicle
  • Direct the shutoff of power, water, gas, etc
  • Take possession of private property and obtain full title to same
  • Prohibit or restrict ingress and egress to and from the City

Of course, the city issued a subsequent statement that they had not yet implemented any of these measures. They were just thinking about it. Such a relief.

5. As PJ Media’s Tyler O’Neil reports, supposed Republican Senator Mitt Romney just proposed a universal basic income

CNN Congressional Respondent Phil Mattingly shared Romney’s entire proposal sheet, which also includes grants to impacted small businesses, Pell Grant alterations for students and loan deferments for graduates, and more. Romney, who ran as a fiscal conservative in 2012, appears to have endorsed massive government intervention in the economy to fight the coronavirus.

6. As I wrote last week, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont was one of several governors who ordered all nursing and convalescent homes closed to visitors, and ordered all patients not to leave

This order made patients in these facilities prisoners, with no due process:

The previous executive order allowed the Director of Public Health to halt all visits to such facilities, and ordered that any resident who left could not return. Connecticut residents raised the obvious question – doesn’t that violate the 1st, 5th, and 14th Amendments to the Constitution? It’s one thing for the facilities themselves to issue such rules, or for the individual residents to choose to observe these limitations on their own movement – it’s quite another for the government to decree it.  Someone who has not tested positive has had their right to movement and assembly removed by the force of government without due process.

7. New York, Washington, and New Jersey governors trample civil liberties

Again from Tyler O’Neil:

While some of these policies make sense, a threat like the coronavirus does not suspend Americans’ constitutional rights.  National Review‘s David Harsanyi pointed out a dangerous threat to free speech coming out of Newark, N.J. That city is reportedly cracking down on “coronavirus disinformation,” warning that any “false reporting” — which includes misleading “allegations” on social media — will lead to criminal prosecution.

While some of these policies make sense, a threat like the coronavirus does not suspend Americans’ constitutional rights. National Review‘s David Harsanyi pointed out a dangerous threat to free speech coming out of Newark, N.J. That city is reportedly cracking down on “coronavirus disinformation,” warning that any “false reporting” — which includes misleading “allegations” on social media — will lead to criminal prosecution.

Besides the ridiculous impracticality of such a policy — will Newark subpoena the IP addresses of random accounts on Twitter to see if they live in the city limits? — it is likely unconstitutional. Such policies raise important questions about the limits of government power to restrict citizens’ rights during an emergency.

Gov. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) has aimed to “ban” gatherings of over 250 people in the Seattle area. Of course, it makes sense for the government to warn citizens about the health risks of large gatherings. But, as Harsanyi noted, Inslee’s policy might violate citizens’ rights to free speech and free assembly.

8. New York City Mayor de Blasio quotes directly from The Communist Manifesto, calling for the nationalization of industry and factories

Can we please put a moratorium on politicians using a health crisis to destroy our personal liberties? Wait, we already did that, when we ratified the Constitution.

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39 thoughts on “The Top Eight Most Totalitarian Proposals in The Wake of the COVID-19 Threat

    1. This is the kind of rulers the people elect, believing in their mermaid songs but, after waking up and realizing how STUPID they were, BLAME TRUMP…!!

        1. larry your a lost soul lost she is a congresswomen 29 and knows the honest truth and is one of our finest example of our new generation of leaders larry you sad man lost you brain she is our new way for change in America for all forward we go with her we love her climate change plans forward we go with the experiences shes had we need her un our government if only humans would open their ears and eyes to here her amazing plans

          1. No! We absolutely do not love AOC!!! She is a menace to society!!! She’s a traitor to the United States and should be shot for treason!!! Along with all those who participated in the attempted coup of the Presidency!!!

        2. larry your brain dead sorry shes a congress woman we love her shes our future your a past brain dead or brain washed your lost

          1. AOC is a braindead bartender from NY and is actively trying to destroy our country!!! She’s a worthless POS and nerds to be buried deeper than 6′!!!

  1. If people can’t see how the radical leftists are trying to take over the country, they’re blind, deaf & dumb! Why are they still in office & not incarcerated for treason? President Trump is working endlessly for Americans. Keep praying for our nation.

    1. Sadly Becky Schwartz , there are those who are willfully not only blind , deaf and dumb . but down right ignorant and stupid . A great deal of which can be traced directly back to our increasingly ultra liberal educators and education system . No longer do we teach history , it’s known facts are now subject to revisionism and opinion . It’s Common Core all over again but this time it is not mathematics it is now aimed at history , ourvnations founding and our forefathers . It traces to Mr “You Didn’t Build That” Obama who suddenly made it acceptable to degrade the efforts of others and the men and women who created and built this great nation .
      Sorry for the rant .

      1. You’re right on the money about what is being taught to the children in schools. Things like you can pick your sex and how good progressivism, socialism, and communist is, not math, civics, geography, history and how about English, or what actually made this country the great country it is.

  2. You people were warrened about the suspension of the constitution and here it is coming from doctors in the city county state and federal governments these idiots will starve old people first and the handicapped if you at one of these at risk people. You will be ignored and left to your own device’s if not rounded up and locked up. While the rich and delete pick the bone s of the country your fights will be thrown out with the daily trash. It s time to fight back AMERICA.

    1. RL Stoney Stone ???? Obamacare established the DEATH PANELS. It was never called DEATH PANELS of course but it allowed the agency to pick and chose who got the necessary government paid for treatment. Since to the agency the seniors aren’t useful in society anymore and a drain on the funds they aren’t worth spending money on. It has nothing to do with the rich.

  3. As been said this political hysteria is giving liberals power so shut down our economy,suspend the Constitution , and take away our freedoms. Anyone heard of One World Government. With this type of policy that’s where we are headed.

  4. Somewhere, Robert Mugabe is smiling. How’d that ‘fundamental change’ thing work out for Zimbabwe? Should these AOC-types mange to get their hands of the levers of government, the USA we know know could rapidly go FUBAR.

  5. Sounds like these NUTCASES like AOC (ALL OUT CRAZY) forgot about the U.S. Constitution that they were SWORN to uphold, and they themselves need to be HAULED away in HANDCUFFS and removed from Office – PERMANENTLY. There is NO WAY that these actions would stop the coronavirus (AFTER all, viruses don’t know what laws are), as this is ONLY an ILLEGAL POWER GRAB which must be SWIFTLY stopped. This is what the 2nd Amendment is all about . . . stopping TYRANNICAL governments from OVER REACHING and USURPING power that the U.S. Constitution NEVER gave to a government, be it Federal, State, County, etc. One ALARMED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. We the people need to vote these people out of office, because they don’t care about the American people just what they can get. God help the American people as a whole! At least if those believe in God you might be alright, but the states are in bad shape. Some of the senators went to different cities and found so much trash. Needles,feces, and much more than they expected, but they got it down with help from volunteers. You figure they went to San Francisco, Baltimore, New York City, Chicago, Nashville and a few others cities and pick up a total of 370 tons of trash. Now we all know that these are democrat states . Maybe the people should wake up and look around.

    1. I’d have disagreed with you about California, but we just voted down a reprise of Prop 13 that would have raised property taxes again, so there may be hope even in a screwed up state like California. Time will tell though…

      1. Proposition 13 is draconian to all “ new” property owners in CA. I pay 10 x the property taxes as my nearest neighbors for the same services and house values since my more recent way overpriced home purchase. And Some of their homes are even valued greatly more than mine. That ridiculousness was only ignored when residents could deduct the full amount of state and local taxes from their returns. It’s idiotic like most CA laws

        1. If it doesn’t get amended to more like other states( even blue ones) I will eventually be forced out of my home in my more elderly years when I don’t have the same income level

  7. The democrats are using this as an excuse to rule the people. They want socialism and I think a civil war isn’t too away. They have got to go. The people need to get together and protest our constitutional right being violated. Nancy says no is above the law except the government. They’re taking over the executive office and not listening. The republicans need to stop them and Barr needs to do 1 thing on 4 years and intervene. The republicans need to stop letting them do what they want with no consequences. It’s not. Trump they’re doing it to but us!


    1. What about Biden and the other old idiot? They cant eve bring up as excuse the menopausal hot flashes? Or you are just a maleshovinistic pig? I’m a female, old but I bet I have more brain than you. Sorry!

  9. Leave it to a pandemic to squeeze the truth of who a person really is and/or thinks. This has nothing to do with the Dems, the wicked women men love to hate but refuse to live without, but the people who vote for them.
    This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values. When the foundation of anything begins to crumble the entire structure is at risk. America is at risk!
    As America has gradually turned their backs on the heart, mind and instructions of God, denying his power in favor of unrestrained behavior, butchering of infants, embracing evil, removing all signs of Christianity from schools, the pledge of allegiance of the flag, etc, the foundation of our nation crumbles and the favor and blessings of God have been lifted directly in proportion. America is now nearly as Godless as it the entire world was in the dark ages. Just because an issue is deem lawful does not make it right.. God’s Word is the ultimate law. The only hope for America is a true heart-felt determination is to embrace God. The same God who promises us that if His people turned from their wickedness and prayed he would heal our land. And democrat or not, (I’m not), the knees of America must bend in earnest prayers of repentance and a return to God-not just to be blessed but a stand for God is a stand against evil forever! There is a battle going on in the heavens and congress for the heart of America. We are in the fourth down, last play- WHO will win folks? In this game you determine the winner-only you!

  10. I have a couple of questions that I have not seen asked or answered on TV.
    1. Why does everyone treating this virus needing a hi-tech breathing mask?
    2. Is the virus totally air-born or must it be actual contact to catch it?
    3. If air-born, how long can it live without a host?
    4. How long is the virus active on a surface (not a live person) and still able to react with a live host?
    It looks to me as if this virus actually can be transmitted via the air breathed by people (animals???) and if it is we need to know how long it can survive in the air. Further, we need to know how effective the filter must be to prevent the virus from traveling through the filter. Yes I am aware that if this information is made available to the general public it could and probably would create more panic than it already has. This is especially true if the protective masks are not available for immediate purchase/given to the people. I am quite sure Congress has been advised of how to protect their families and I would like to know so I may protect mine. For myself I am an 82 year old disabled vet who has had a long and memorable life but I also have young grandchildren whom I want to protect if different procedures are needed.
    Robert Taylor A proud DAV.

  11. I?m impressed, I must say. Really rarely do I encounter a blog that?s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the issue is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

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