The Tables Have TURNED! CNN Panel Unloads on Joe Biden Following his DISAPPOINTING Iowa Numbers

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Beth Baumann from Town Hall reports, As the first wave of results from Iowa began to pour in, a CNN panel began to dissect what they saw, with former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) pretty neck-and-neck. But that wasn’t the real news of the day. What shocked those on the left was just how terrible former Vice President Joe Biden did in the rural state.
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22 thoughts on “The Tables Have TURNED! CNN Panel Unloads on Joe Biden Following his DISAPPOINTING Iowa Numbers

  1. When I see how befuddled Joe is during speeches and debates, and how emotionally fragile he is…and those fake temper tantrums he thinks will divert from his and Hunters corruption…I just wish he would get out now and save himself a bad heart attack or stroke…he’s a mess. He’s also old beyond his years.

    1. Joe Biden should drop out of the race and check into a care center for demented old people. Elizabeth Warren needs to get help for her anorexia. Bernie Sanders will need more steroids than we can produce in the Western Hemisphere.

    2. Looking at CNN and seeing the likes of Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Chris Stirewalt, Acosta, etc. I figured they would all be voting for the kweeyuh, Butt Agig cuzz he is most like them.

  2. Looks like you won’t be needed in the democratic primaries, Joey. Take a break, I don’t know from what and spend abit of that stash that Hunter stumbled on.

  3. Joe Biden, with his brothers and his son profiting off of his name and government service should be enough to get him voted out and his taking a $900,000 bribe should be enough to get him some prison time, but for reasons I cannot understand the Democrats just keep ignoring his illegal and immoral actions and smiling and just keep calling him good old Joe!! One would think that the integrity of their party should be enough justification for them to at least try to keep their house in order, but not so. I am just amazed at the lack of standards that they constantly exhibit.

    1. They have no integrity. They are so full of greed and hunger for power, they can’t even see their own political suicide.

  4. I dont trust cnn at all. If tg hey are on bidens cas ed it is to make more room for another democrat. Likely their new darling bloomberg.

  5. Not one of these alleged candidates is worth a hoot and a holler. They’re just ignoring their own incompetence. Give it up.

  6. How sad that the greatest nation on earth has sunk to this level…..even sleeping in tents and eating rations from a can…..I knew I was better off than the people in several countries where I went during Korean War….taking stock of the native people,I knew that this is the greatest country on planet earth…..ALL shoul;d wake up and demand BETTER FROM OUR pOLITICIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I believe the only reason they still have hopes and are kind of still showing support for Biden is because they see him as the easiest one they can control. The most likely candidate to become their pawn.
    I think the only reason Buttigieg took the lead in the primary is because he is an unknown, a new face to the voters.
    That in itself is proof positive of how the democrat voters have no faith in any of the candidates running. It was like the year Dole ran for republicans. He was awful and was doing American Express commercials even before the votes were in.

    1. The demons were right when they thought our country was ready to elect an African American regardless of the total lack of qualifications. Now it seems they may be thinking the first gay candidate can catch the fancy of dumb voters.

  8. I think Joe Biden is a creepy piece to shi* with the impulse control of a three year old. I don’t even see how the females in his life can deal with him

  9. CNN has no credibility to speak of. Same as MSNBC, following with ABC, CBS, NBC, any MSM network.
    They are fairweather friends,when it suits their agenda.

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