Rick Perry Praises Trump – Reveals His Reason Why Trump is President

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Benjamin Goldman from Political Entertainment Network reports, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry declared President Donald Trump was chosen by God to be President of the United States. Perry told FOX News in an interview, “I happen to believe that God’s used, you know, individuals who aren’t perfect all through history.”
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21 thoughts on “Rick Perry Praises Trump – Reveals His Reason Why Trump is President

  1. Many of, We the People, are making plans. If a Dem gets into the presidency, we plan to do far worse to that Dem POTUS than they did to our wonderful Trump. They will rue the day they ever heard the word Democrat!

    1. If our President is impeached I can only imagine what will happen. People are tired of these crooks doing what they want. There will a strong uprising stronger then has been seen. No matter what u believe from crooked news stations, Trump has more support then you would not want just how much.

  2. I believe that! We need to keep praying for our great president and our country! He is not perfect but neither is anyone else! Democrats are just mad that they are not in control! God bless America!

  3. It seems that even though the Democrats have removed GOD from almost ever aspect of our life, He keeps right on BLESSING THE USA, President Trump is but one piece of evidence, I have from the day of the election, been thanking GOD for his delivery of Mr. Trump to our great country.

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