Obama Gets Taken to the Woodshed on 2009 Iran By Woman He’d Least Expect!

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Hank Berrein from The Daily Wire reports, In Wednesday, a scholar who worked as part of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy advisory group on Iran slammed former President Obama for his laziness in helping the Iranian people who tried to start an uprising against the despotic Iranian regime in 2009.
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38 thoughts on “Obama Gets Taken to the Woodshed on 2009 Iran By Woman He’d Least Expect!

  1. It amazes me how the general public are constantly fooled by the liberal media, Hollywood, and their lack of empathy for America and it’s legal citizens.

    1. Negatory!! Why should we be forced to waste more taxpayer dollars on any foreign spy? Fraudbama has NEVER been an American citizen, just a foreign spy, guilty of espionage, sabotage, incredible fraud and wasting BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN TAXPAYER MONEY – -he needs to be tried, convicted (with NO APPEALS ALLOWED) and IMMEDIATELY EXECUTED! END OF STORY!!

      1. No, no, no he doesn’t need to be hanged, he doesn’t need to be held in prison, he needs to be sent to Cuba as a regular citizen and see how it feels to be subserviant to others…which he has NO knowledge about…he’s lived a “privileged life”…

        1. He’d be able to get off the island way to easily for it to work – unless you had him chained to someone by the ankle to keep him there.

      2. I absolutely agree with you! And how about the fact that Michelle and those children took elaborate vacations all the time on tax payer dime!!!

  2. Very glad that the “HONEST” investigators are closing in on ALL of the ILLEGALS ACTIVITIES from the past! It will be SO REWARDING to find out just how dishonest things were done, and the fact that there is no time limit on them.

  3. What goes around comes around and it’s taking way to much time to come around for him and Clinton both are traders and need to pay a heavy price. We need to get this corruption dealt with in this country, enough is enough.

  4. Imagine that. . . A Kenyan Terrorist and Traitor betrayed by one of the Traitors who works for his Traitor wife. That would be funnier than all Demoncrats burning in Hell if it wasn’t so terribly sickening. TREASONS done by Demoncrat Traitors, can’t even trust their criminal partners.

  5. Obama was by far the best president
    we hav had since John kennedy.
    Look what we have in the White House now. He has every country in the world mad at us. All he does is rag about how smart he is.
    As he always says….SAD!!

  6. Typical clueless Democrat … totally uninformed, or should I say, MIS-informed… They’ll never “get it.” In order to see the big picture, one has to have the ability AND inclination to step back out of one’s little self and really take a good look at reality… and they have neither. They’re perfectly content in their hatred, no matter how unwarranted. To sum it up, “ignorance is bliss” and if they knew the TRUTH about what’s going on in their chosen party, they’d become disenchanted with the whole thing and have to finally admit how STUPID they were to believe all the lies. But they don’t WANT to know.

  7. A Harvard study shows Obama Jr. and Obama Sr. were both born in Kenya! The DNC knowingly supported a foreign born, communist, glorified hood rat, homosexual, married to a tranny, for POTUS! Treason!

  8. Ombumerang was the worst US president in the history of our country. He did nothing for this country except to make it worse. Still the main stream media puts him on pedicel like he’s a God which is why nobody listens to them anymore. I say send him to Gitmo where his friends are.

  9. His trip to California the day after Benghazi only confirmed my opinion of him. Here’s a mug who put a fundraiser above the death of Americans.
    At 73 I’d be willing to build the scaffolding for him and his bunch traitors.

  10. John Durham’s report is looming in the background . I’m counting on that report to be the MOAB to the swamp. After that then who knows ?

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