Mitch McConnell Goes Rogue on Senate Dems Who Just Screwed Every American

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Cristina Laila from the Gateway Pundit reports, Senate Democrats on Sunday blocked phase 3 of the CV economic stimulus bill. 60 votes were needed for this bill. All Democrats, and Independents who caucus with Dems voted no. 5 Republican Senators are currently in self-quarantine and missed the vote.
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112 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell Goes Rogue on Senate Dems Who Just Screwed Every American

  1. REMEMBER COME NOVEMBER is our new campaign theme. Vote every liberal and RINO out of office. Trump 2020 and get America back.

      1. You’re an idiot! Open your eyes, man! The only fascists are schumer, pelosi, feinstein, and the rest of the Demoncraps who are trying their level best to destroy this country!

      2. Appears you are among those who
        cannot understand that shumer and
        and his traveling clown show is only
        in town to disrupt, resist, our President
        in any way they can. Oh by the way
        the 35 million dollars for Kennedy
        performing Arts was Nancy ‘S idea.

      3. J R – You do not know the meanibg of the words you are using . I pity you. It must be rather sikly to be that uneducateed, especially in logic, economy and po;itics. How sad!

      4. Prove it! Let find out how smart or dumb you are! Ready? First tell me how Trump was guilty ? I bet you your bank account you can’t! Tell me how was Russia involved in the elect? Just prove it! Or you a liar like those in media and Democrat SLAVE PLANTATION!

      5. Tell me who had two Russian on her campaign team? Who got a million dollars donated to the Clinton foundation by Russia? Tell me who sold URANIUM TO RUSSIA? Then the fool you call president Obama given IRAN BILLION OF DOLLARS TO purchase it from Russia! Fool like you don’t belong in AMERICA!

      1. Tom, your an IDIOT just like your hero’s PELOSI & Schumer, hopefully bye NOVEMBER YOU’LL have received the PHYSICAL TREATMENT you missed last visit!. God bless America.

      2. Tom you commie a-hole, you are typical of what the Democraps turned into a bunch of cry babies that if things don’t go their way they cry and stamp their feet, just give the little creeps a piece of candy and the snowflakes will be just fine.

    1. politics as usual from the dimwits. WHO say about 50% of the world will have CV. for the US this is about 120 million citizens. the fatality rate is about 3% which is 4.8 million citizens dead. i believe this is after about 3 years without a cure or strong prevention measure. we need to test every person showing symptoms and everyone in contact with them and if positive to isolate them. Nancy is preventing this by her attempt to extort. i suspect that the 4.8 million deaths could easily be cut in half. this estimate would be about 2.4 million deaths cause by the democrats trying to extort money for special interests. enough is enough. Nancy and every democrat in the congress needs to go! i do not care how. it is a lot better to lose 300 corruptocats in office than 2.4 million citizens dead..

    2. Moscow Mitch and Russian Pence. I do agree with the democrats on this, as most all the money will go towards corporations, of which they will not have to pay back. Us poor citizens get the scraps. Probably not all Americans will get anything.
      Canada takes care of their people! $ 950 every 2 weeks, for 15 weeks, no mortgage payments for 6 months, no paybacks on student loans, and closed all schools.
      Now, why can’t we do that?????
      US just doesn’t get it.
      We are to get $ 1,000 and again in April. We need more, just as you do.
      Top people (millionaires), want more money, while we wonder where our food is coming from, how are we going to pay our heating bill, and other utilities, besides our health bills.
      I’m sure they had a plan in place for a epidemic/pandemic.
      And to be OK by Easter!!!! Employees get back to work. Who are you kidding?? This is a pandemic!!!
      I feel Trump does not know what he is talking about when it comes to the virus. Hey, let the professionals speak.
      All for now, but could go on and on.

      1. Canada has 36 million people total. The US has about 330 million. Wanna try and give every American $950 every 2 weeks? You talk of corporations getting the gravy train while we pay for it. Who the f*ck do you think is going to pay for the $950/week?

      2. Your education level is shot! No you don’t have a clue on anything! Just like a stupid Democrat SUPPORTER! If you want to be in a socialism country move to Canada! Because one you are dumb! Trump trying to keep the business going, Trump is trying to help everyone! Even keep the economy strong! BUT IF YOU SUPPORT WHAT THE DEMONCRAT ARE DOING. What in the hell does PLANNED PARENTHOOD HAVE TO DO WITH CORONAVIRUS? KENNEDY CENTER? SOLAR SYSTEM? NEW GREEN DEAL? Fool move to Canada. We are sick of all this PORK MONEY DEMOCRAT KEEP FORCING US TAXPAYERS TO PAY!

    3. Yes!! Vote out all Dems….Especially Schifty Schiff, Pelosi and any other Demo rats up for office……

  2. The democrats do not care about any American other than their own selfish
    wants. I just hope voters have enough
    memory to not return those who are
    costing businesses, large and small,
    their well being and maybe even death.
    I just hope they all lose their seats in the
    House of Representatives.

    1. Bull sht. Democrats want protections and security for average working Americans. Moscow Mitch wants a half trillion, no strings, no accountability, to go to big business to do whatever they want, like making CEOs richer by buying back stocks instead of creating jobs. The Republicans only care about profits over the safety and security of hard working Americans.

      1. “Democrats want protections and security for average working Americans”
        The most ludicrous lie in politics!!!

      2. JR, you are just another liberal who is full of s–t! You all care nothing about the American people; you are self-centered thugs who are attempting to destroy our country! I wish all of you would simply disappear from the face of the earth! Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and their posse are working with the Chinese to take our country down, and you are a part of this destruction! may God have mercy on your poor, lost soul!

      3. $300 Billion for ASylees????? $35 Million for the Kennedy Center.

        and the list goes on. Green New Deal. Windmills Solar tax credits.

        Cancel this Christmas.

        We are better off with NO VIRUS/STIMULATION PROGRAM. Just get back to work.

        Demand all Congress be on the job.

      4. Is that why they’re trying to push every socialist agenda into a relief bill!? Do some actual checking & investigating for yourself, instead of listening to bobble headed, teleprompter reading, actors, pretending to be journalists!

      5. JR, you must have your head up your A** because if you are so blind that you can not see the damage and disrespect that the socialist demo-rats have for the people of this country then PLEASE leave and find a country that you like , maybe Venezuela!

      6. The DemonRats want protections for unions, money for Planned Parenthood, wind & solar money, and payouts for their friends. They have NEVER been for the American people. DemonRats are the devils spawn.

      7. “Democrats want protections and security for average working Americans.”
        And when Bill Clinton brought China into the WTO and Americans lost three million good jobs, that shows us how much protection and security Dems wanted.
        When Barack Obama tried to push through the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal and send more American jobs overseas, that, too, shows us how much protection and security they sought for American workers.
        China stole or was given so much of our intellectual property from the West, that it’s been called the greatest transfer of wealth in history.
        Free trade (as just one example) is doing what it was designed to do: transfer wealth from First World countries to Third World countries and China has done a marvelous job lifting millions of its own people out of poverty. It is also one of the big reasons for the economic inequality we are seeing here.

      8. JR can not be that STUPID, to believe the things that he writes on here. Anybody that STUPID would have a IQ of zero or below. JR for Jail.

      9. JR I would appreciate zero in the face words. Well spoken people with a command of the languages, in this instance English, do not need to use name calling or descriptive pronouns in order to make their points. Please stop just reading headlines without reading the content and don’t strictly follow fake news. I challenge you to research, research, research. It is easy to do using a computer. Your comments actually leave you slinging mud with none of it sticking. You Dems keep stating Republicans only care about their rich friends as if they are the only ones in America with wealth. I have a question for you. Are you intimating that Dems have none of the wealth in this country? Those in Washington DC have done well for themselves. Name me some poor or lower income Dems.

      10. So how does all that money for asylees and 35 million for the JFK Center improve your quality of life? Hospitals cannot pay for needed medical equipment so Democraps can fund the Opera?

      11. JR you don’t even read the bills Pelosi try to put PORK MONEY IN! WHAT DOES PLANNED PARENTHOOD HAVE TO DO WITH CORONAVIRUS? KENNEDY CENTER? SOLAR SYSTEM? NEW GREEN DEAL? All these Pelosi wanted over 500 trillion dollars ! Was in the bills she try to push through Sunday! No Democrat don’t want PROTECT and security, if they did why don’t they close the border? Why are they pushing health care for ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION? That not protection and security for any AMERICANS CITIZEN!

    2. I hope so too! Surely, Americans should be aware that the Dims are screwing our country yet again. Let’s vote them out!

  3. How do we stop this ridiculous crap from the Democrats before the elections? This is totally absurd!!!!

    1. Logic failure. Moscow Mitch wants a half trillion, no strings, no accountability, to go to big business to do whatever they want, like making CEOs richer by buying back stocks instead of creating jobs. The Republicans only care about profits over the safety and security of hard working Americans.

      1. You are correct. There is a logic failure. Unfortunately, it is yours. If big businesses, such as airlines, fail in this traumatic time, in addition to devastating our country’s transportation system, millions of people lose their jobs. Perhaps you have heard of the great depression?

      2. JR… You must be forgetting or twisting the facts about how Obama bailed out the banks with their slush fund so they could give themselves bonuses and buy their stocks back! That’s recent history which shows how quickly you forget and how twisted and exactly the opposite as usual of how the democrats work! Point your finger at and blame others for doing exactly what you are guilty of. Standard Democrat BS! In other countries like Iceland at the same time their very honest government saw fit to throw those kinds of crooks in jail… Not herein the good ole USA, we have different standards for the politicians and bankers who will never spend time a jail cell.

      3. I agree there needs to be accountability to whomever gets the money but this is not the time for Dems to push a policy agenda on the country. This is the time to get help to the people who need it most and get it fast!

      4. No. It is 1.5 trillion. Schumer and rest of Dems added one trillion in pork barrel items that had nothing to do with the coronavirus stimulus bill to help the people directly and more to do with their green new deal plans that haven’t even had hearings and votes. Come on Dems, you are a part of the people, and you are being used by a group who see themselves the leaders of a global new world order. After that the little people will be dropped like flies. Who knows our big shots might not even head up that dreamed of new world order. Study history going back not only when people came to this country, but perhaps as much as a hundred years previous. There is a reason why history was dumbed down and even rewritten in the USA, however the libraries still have good material.

      5. JR education is no better than a fifth grader! Because he still stuck up the backside of the lying Democrat party! For fifty years Democrat has been destory AMERICA! You can see it even today! FEMOCRAY MEAN GOVERNMENT CONTROL! NOTHING FOR THE PEOPLE!

  4. I hope that we the people need to vote the demacracks out of office and try the Republican’s way what do we have to lose we have tried the demacracks in control of the house we need to try something else I am tired of the way the United States is doing to the American people we the people need help

  5. To the people of this wonderful Republic,
    How is it possible to allow traitors of this country Pelosi and her ilk whose salaries we pay
    to stay in power ??

    Their only aim is the destruction of The United States of America.
    They lie, cheat to accomplish their aim ,a socialist America.

    Are we going to stand by, or use the power given to us by our constitution ????

    “Mess with our Constitution , and you are bound to get a revolution,” ( RFC)

  6. Unfortunately, common sense cannot be legislated. Thus, it is past time for term limits. Pelosi and Schumer have too much power. We need, as our forefathers indicated, a congress of citizens, who serve for a time and then go home. We can no longer tolerate career politicians, who only serve to enrich themselves.

  7. Democrats want to ruin our country. Anyone who claims to be a Democrat should have there heads examined to see if they understand the urgency of this Virus. Maybe Congress should only focus on Republicans and let the Democrats fend for themselves.

  8. The things holding up COVID19 are Pelosi’s “wish list” that have nothing to do with COVID19. This is a crucial time & Pelosi is being the normal witch holding funds that could help Americans get through this tough times. I have see several of the things she put in the “House Bill”, such as the Green Deal, changing emissions for airlines, funding for Planned Parenthood are just a few. So democrats that approve of their elected House of Representatives….put that in your pipe & smoke it.

    1. And Serious don’t forget about pelosi’s husband buying up all those vacant post office properties in California, now she wants to forgive post office debt so her a-hole husband can sell those properties back to the post office as a Hugh profit for them, so tell me what the hell does that have to do with the virus problem?

  9. Dumbocrats will do anything to usher in their diabolical New World Order. It’s way past time for all of America to exercise their Constitutional right of Rescind and Recall. I’ve noticed over the years that we have a tendency to forget that we have some degree of power as citizenry, and It’s high time we use it.

  10. JR – are you a paid troll? Your comments are identical like you copied and pasted. Is this your job from your Mother’s basement? If yiu are going to comment multiple times, put some thought into it. Stop the copy/paste

  11. They are both working on switching money from Federal Reserve Notes to Digital dollars, we are all going to be screwed. Fighting among ourselves over Politics and not understanding what is really in the paperwork they are fighting over. This is the biggest dog and pony magic show, all this is to keep us fighting and not reading what they are planing to do. Read the bill.

  12. Democrats just want power and the Trump Administration is just “beautifully” doing a beat-down on them… continually pushing them back into dark corners. This post by JR is a perfect example of the “Left’s” total freakout. Trump 4more, Pence 8more, and sprinkle in the House takeover and a few more Supreme Court Justices. “Let’s Go!”

  13. Too many people are walking around with blinders on their faces. Can’t anyone see what is going on? This is an absolutely unbelievable scene we are engaged in. To go this way everyone will lose.

  14. Looks to me that Dems are only interested in their special pork items and slipping in something for the new green deal and none of that is for the Americans. Just for themselves to try to be sure they are re-elected. Trump has done for our country. Without any help from congress and much back stabbing. Talk about need to wake up. You na sayers are very brain washed. Why not just move on down to those countries that just “love” communism policies. Come to think of it, Sanders should live there but no he likes his cushy job here and his millions. Talk, talk, talk

    Trump 2020 Keep Making America Great!

  15. We the people need to fire any politician who has been in office for more than 8 years. We need to have a term limit of 6 to 8 years. We need to insist they lived by the same laws we do. They do not get special treatment or retirement after serving there term in office. It is time we people take back our country from these self-serving politicians. They should not get more than a Captains pay.

    1. You are absolutely correct in that Congress should not get retirement benefits! They make millions off speaking fees and books they write after leaving office and they are just stealing from the American people!!!

  16. They tried to get Trump on the Ukrain for holding money? Ok lets get them for holding our money as we are hostages to what is ours, it time to impeach Polosi, an Shurmer an hold the fire to there feet an see what it feels like, lm tired of them getting away with crap that no one else can get away with,

  17. JR, are you the offspring of Schumer and Pelosi? I think the best part of you, ran down your Mommy’s Leg. You show the world how STUPID you are, every time you open your month.

  18. I REALLY wish that this site would have “like” and “not like” buttons so that we don’t have to reply to every comment that we agree or disagree with! PLEASE!

  19. Jr you should change your name to sr because you are not a Jr democratic troll you are a sr democratic troll. You mind explaining how Biden is going to be a good president. The guy can’t find his way to the bathroom and is definitely not fit to be president with all the illegal deals he arranged for his family as vice president what would he do as president. It bogles the mind.

  20. President Trump get the aholes pelosios, schumer, clintons, obamas and soros be gone and out of this country. Rise up Americans and kick them out if office and oh I forgot also sanders too! Please keep us all Americans safe and #1 in our great country!!

  21. LOCK UP these TREASONISTIC TRAITORS (Democrats) . . . It’s time to GET ON with the business of taking care of the U.S. Citizen, NOT taking care of the “wish list” of buying YOUR toys of choice! One IRATE Patriot with a LONG Memory. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  22. We must elect a Republican for every office up for garbs. Must get the House back and increase our numbering the Senate . This is our only hope for salvation. Trump has done a great job. He cannot do it alone, he needs help. We must get crazy Pelosi out of there. She is a real nut job. Trump has had unprecedented legislative achievements and is keeping promises to the American people.

  23. Wake up America!!! We are all Americans first and foremost, just dump your political views and think as a true America.

    Forget yourself and me, myself and I and step up to get us through this trying time.

    I severed in the Cold War 1959-61 and even at 80 I would defend America, I AM AMERICAN 100 % and fly the American flag because I am proud to have been born in USA and don’t need an adjective in front of my name to make me feel special being American is golden, being a enhanced so called American is so gosh.

  24. When does open season on Democrats start? Since this is a national emergency it should start today so we can solve the crisis!!!

  25. Simple response. Do you love this country?? Do you respect our constitution??? Do you see the encouraging and positive things President Trump has accomplished during his presidency?? Do you see how President Trump is NOT bowing down to the Democrats and a few weak Republicans?? Do you see how Trump has eliminated the main stream biased media from being involved in his news releases?? Do you see how the President takes the Democrats to task on their continued attempts to discredit and hide his many accomplishments?? I have observed this for almost (4) years and it simply amazes me how any American with common sense let alone any advanced education would have any doubts about voting for President Trump in 2020. Thank you. HRT

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