Lying House Managers Claim Trump Wasn’t Actually Acquitted

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The seven Democrat House impeachment managers gave an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday and made the absurd claim that President Trump was not acquitted by the Senate because—get this—it was not “a fair trial.”

Trump was easily acquitted on Wednesday following a four-month impeachment process that began with House Democrats denying all requests by Republicans for witnesses during the House impeachment inquiry. But, you know, the Senate trial wasn’t fair because Democrats screwed up the House inquiry by rushing their vote to impeachment rather than proceed to courts to subpoena witnesses Trump asserted executive privilege over… the same way all past presidents have done, but resulted in the bogus “obstruction of Congress” charge by House Democrats.

“I think he’s not been exonerated,” said California Rep. Zoe Lofgren.

“It’s hard to have an acquittal without a fair trial,” argued Colorado Rep. Jason Crow, before repeating the claim that this was “the first impeachment trial in American history where we didn’t have witnesses and documents.”

The Senate trial absolutely did have witnesses and documents, which was previously pointed out by PJ Media. What actually made this impeachment unfair was the fact that none of the witnesses the GOP wanted to testify were allowed by Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, who claimed them all to be irrelevant—an amusing claim considering their key witnesses had no direct knowledge of any of the allegations made against Trump.

But, I digress. Here’s what the Senate had to work with, in terms of documents and witnesses:

Despite these indisputable numbers, Democrats will continue to claim there weren’t any witnesses or documents in the Senate trial, which is absolutely false. If anything made impeachment unfair it was the way Democrats ran the inquiry in the House.

Here are the House managers making their ridiculous claims.

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115 thoughts on “Lying House Managers Claim Trump Wasn’t Actually Acquitted

    1. What // a democrat house telling lies? Shocking/ not.
      I suppose the old witch Hillary will ride in on a horse to save this party which appears to be in the throws of death.

        1. Mr Hull, you took the very words from my mouth.
          Actually the witch needs to get with the other clueless twit and patent that broom technology, go a long way to fixing all that global warming / climate BS they are so worried bout.
          Shoot, with the patent rights, the witch could stop stealing from the taxpayers.
          Just all kinds of happy thoughts here!
          Y’all have a nice day.

    1. The fact that the morons think the acquittal is unfair now, what about the fact that the whole thing was totally unfair to begin with!
      It’s hard to understand how dems think, because none of them can think straight!

  1. The House Managers apparently don’t know what acquittal means. FOR YOU HOUSE MANAGERS THE PRESIDENT WAS ACQUITTED. Get yourselves together and do the work that the American people put you in congress to do for we the people. The American people are not interested in these phony investigations.

    1. Actually they should ALL return their salaries to the Treasury. These freaky clowns have done NOTHING since November 2016…even before the President was inaugurated, but “work on” impeachment…Cripes the jokers wanted to “impeach” him for getting elected. The pity is that there are morons out there whose collective cerebral capacity is the equivalent of less than one functioning cell in the brain of an imbecile…and they support these felons – taking a salary from your employer ( in this case the people) and completely ignoring the provision of the job your employer hired you to do is a felony – THEFT…

      1. /well the Damorats are receiving money from somewhere…..perhaps that’s where all the Clinton Foundation money went….to all 195 Employees where almost 600 Million just simply disappeared. Only $5.9 Million went to charity cases. None to Haiti as promised by H. R. Clinton. And why is the US of A still sending USAID money to George Soros funded entities. This should stop now ! There should be some investigations into where all of that money is really going…..right?

  2. Quit your whining! You Demonrats were the ones who had the unfair trial, by holding closed sessions in the basement and not allowing the Republicans to participate. When you held the hearings, you wouldn’t allow the other side to question the witnesses. So you can, STFU.

          1. what crime did he commit. saying he committed something is not valid. please, if you are accusing someone, have the decency to explain what it is with evidence. thank you

          2. We all love to hear Liberal as well as Conservative comments. We hear you Liberals, but you just won’t listen to us Conservatives and hear us. Trump was acquitted, 3 years after he was ELECTED, so now we have an election coming up. Put your best foot forward with whatever Candidate you can, and let the American people speak again. There will be some Swamp Heads rolling all the way to some gray bar time.

      1. Back to your parent’s basement “safe space” liberal communist TROLL. Play with your coloring books, crayons, teddy bear and drink your hot cocoa.
        Scream at the moon some more like the rest of your “snowflake” friends if that makes you feel better.
        Constantly repeating FAKE democommunist LYING “talking points ” isn’t going to make your “wet dream fantasy” come true. Grow up, and wise up PRESIDENT TRUMP isn’t going anywhere except BACK into office after the 2020 elections, so grab some tissues to catch your those liberal tears.

          1. Yes, they all are still suffering from obama footnmouth disease . Sadly I hear they’re incurable because they’re unreachable. Common democrat illness.You know simple little things like affordable health care for sky high health care. Keep your current health care provider meaning forget that, you have to choose from the following list., maybe. And oops you missed the cutoff on signing up, now you will face penalty fees next go round. And we will help everyone falling into foreclosure, you have my word on that. Oh yea unimportant little events. So whine on little democrats.

      2. You are right, Trump is guilty of the crimes he has committed, but you got to realize that he has NOT committed any crimes. Just for the record, you are a IDIOT

      3. No you just don’t get it! Trump is not a politician, he is a businessman. And, the democrates hate him because they can not manipulate him like other politicians. That is why they started their impeachment investigations before he even took office. But, I guess you are to brainwashed and stupid to see that. Like the saying goes you can’t fix stupid!!!!

      4. I am sorry You so upset about the outcome , so am I . I figured several demons AKA “Democrats ” would be in prison for lying , corruption , and just being themselves “dishonest as satan” . Have a great day.

      5. Helen, you are right, but forget that tRumpies don’t do “research.” they live in a fact-free universe and cannot stand the slightest criticism of their Dear Leader and his obscene utterly un-American cult.

        You are the one who “DON”T GET IT”!

      7. And Biden is guilty of nothing ? U dumb b317h. And obumma, went to the white
        House broke, and left with 127 million.. and check his daughters bank accounts.
        And Nancy, a real winner, U are a dumb as rat s67t.

      8. Oh we understand Helen. President Trump has committed no crime and is our President. Your Democrat Coupe has not succeeded in the overthrow of an duly elected President of the USA. Those responsible are traitors will pay for it.


      10. HELEN HELEN WILL U ⏰ ⏰ THE HELL UP ☝. Those LYING back STABBING DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE S could not CONVICT President Trump if they wanted too. Everytime they the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE S opened their mouths a slew of HABITUAL LIED would coming out of their mouths !! They couldn’t tell the TRUTH if it bite them on their BIG BUTTS.

  3. The Democrats all seem to be under the same Denial problem !
    They all seem to be Fixated on a President that they CAN’T BUY, and Have No Control
    Great Job Mr. President

    1. What a bunch of BS. WAS the Democrats that are the theives,all Democrats are theives,traitors murderers and seditionists.They will all pay the price very soon

    2. Well maybe we better check how much money was stolen from the people of the US from these leaches in the Obama time warp. How come Obama has over $134 million in his bank account. Certainly not from his salary

    3. Trump doesn’t need to steal any money i think you have Trump mixed up with Obama the real crook how did he get rich so fast wasn’t on his pay checks lol maybe a great kick back from Iran

      1. Bobby Renner: Absolutely right! But LIBS will never acknowledge the wrongs done by their side!
        BTW, were you from Long Island?

    4. And it is showing up ☝☝☝☝ in the pockets of the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATS ! They STOLE from the AMERICAN TAXPAYER’S and the POOR to pay for this FAKE WITCH HUNT HOAX IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS !!

  4. To liberals-leftists et-al a fair trial is a Stalinist Show Trial, a kangaroo court tribunal like the House demonrats impeachment.
    Keep it up lefties. You are inciting riot & war.
    Cure for Allahpsychosis:
    YouTube channel: Acts17Apologetics. Title: Leaving Islam: Volume Two (David Wood)
    Get to know your average establishment elitest psychopath more intimately than they know themselves. Right now these psychopaths know you better than you know yourself & that means you lose the battles (even when you thought you won) & you lose the war.
    JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: How He Is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us, by Jamie Glazov.
    THE HISTORY OF JIHAD FROM MUHAMMAD TO ISIS: The Comprehensive History of the Role of War and Terror in Islam, Robert Spencer.
    Your feminist traitor to womanhood is a leftist leader who knows you better than you know her.
    Get to know your Feminist traitor to all womenhood better than they know you, etc:
    The Birth of Feminism at Seneca Falls New York 1848, StudioBrule (YouTube).
    GODLESS: The Church of Liberalism, by Ann Coulter.
    DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, by Ann Coulter.
    THE ART OF THE ARGUMENT: Western Civilization’s Last Stand, by Stefan Molyneux 2017. Banned for centuries, now free at
    “Climate Change” is a globalist elites HOAX. Look at any TONY HELLER YouTube channel for proof.

  5. All of the Dem’s are losing their minds, due to President Trump’s excellent mindset I would just continue to have a rally every week in the states that will win us the Electorial College. This will bleed off into the other States that we have a majority in and continue to build up our National base of voters.
    Another plus would be to keep the gas prices under $2 per gallon, so that we can pick off the fence sitters who number in the millions and who can see a direct result in the established low prices !
    John Donnellan

  6. Like it or not, the house impeachment ended up in the garbage after it hit the senate. He was acquitted. Get over it. The next coup you try (like the last 2) will end up the same and even democrats are getting tired of your crap. You will most likely lose the house in Nov – so take your best shots, it’s likely to be the last you’ll get. The so called investigation that ended up with the dems voting for impeachment showed how totally corrupt in inept you dems are. And now, you’ve outdone yourself by saying you will continue your investigations. Well, you already concluded when you sent the articles to the senate – now if you want to do more, you get to start all over again. Actually, you’ve done the GOP a great favor by your clown acts – now even anti-Trumpers are not with you in the numbers you used to have and Trump’s numbers have gone up even higher. Keep up the great work idiots. Just shows the world how unhinged you folks are.

  7. They are stupid. Talk about not fair, look at how many witness’s they had and would not even let the republicans testify. They should look at themselves in the mirror. They had their chances in the house trial and blew it. He is not even taking any pay for his job and look at well he is running this country. Best in years.

    1. The DERANGED AND UNHINGED DEPLORABLE S never ever had a chance to Convict President Trump !
      The only ONE’S that need to be CONVICTED is the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE S in the Democratic Party in the HOUSE AND SENATE. I for ONE ☝ hopes that PENCIL NECK SCHIFF, HIPPOPOTAMUS NADLER ,
      CRY’N SCHUMER , NASTY PELOSI and MAD WATER’S will see their day in Court soon !

  8. We know the DemoRATS are truly desperate now. Their faux impeachment didn’t go well, now we’re waiting on the next round of lies and BS to try and unseat this President!

  9. Vote republican and conservative from here on ! I was a Reagan Democrat and the Democratic Party is no longer the party for the American people! Thank you President Trump and all Republicans minus Romney! I’ll never vote for a Democratic candidate again!

    1. And when will they be made to pay back all the taxpayer money they just had a big
      Party on ? Travel. Expenses, hotels , the list of illegal expenses goes on and on,

  10. It’s always fun to hear from Snow Dark and her seven mental dwarfs talk about what is and isn’t fair. After that CF you ran in the House, you got exactly back what you gave Republicans. Zero… Zilch… Nada… Zip.

  11. It will be a really sad day if they try to take President to trial again. why don t they try to work with our President ? They are only going to hurt their party again I am sure praying they will start doing the job they were elected to do and and start working for the American people.

    1. Because those pushing impeachment don’t want to be found out just how corrupt they are. Wait til Durham and Barr gets done with them

      1. I will be glad when the Clock ⏰⏰⏰⏰ Chimes the last time to say goodbye to the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY once and for ALL !!

  12. If the Senate wasn’t a legitimate trial then the House trial wasn’t either. They didn’t allow the Republican party to call witnesses either. What is fair for one is fair for the other

    1. If the ⏰⏰⏰⏰ Clock Chimes at midnight on 3 November 2020 with Republican Party keeping the WHITE HOUSE taken back the House and retaining the Senate then the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY will be no more ! VOTE BIG RED to Win in 2020 !!

  13. Next you will tell us that Trump is not a lying, cheating, discriminating idiot. Is he rich?? Yes – Thanks to
    Daddy’s money!!! He is the worst president we ever had. Look at how other countries describe him – “The
    Big Orange Buffoon”. Does that make you proud??? I guess so.

    1. If it is coming out of the mouths of Dems or liberals and Globalist idiots – YES!

      Btw- sounds like you’re a bit joelous of Trump and his daddy’s money!!! Sorry you did not have the same advantages douchbag.

  14. Of course it wasn’t a fair trial; Democrats violated every single rule of law and Constitution provision for a fair trial, by denying the defense to, well, provide any defense, to question witnesses, to present evidence, to allow the defense to face their accuser, i.e., the “whistleblower”, etc. This sham of a trial in the House lack any sort of decorum or due process. It didn’t even rise to the level of a kangaroo kourt; it was a lynching, plain and simple.

  15. The seven Democrat House impeachment managers gave an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday and made the absurd claim that President Trump was not acquitted by the Senate because—get this—it was not “a fair trial.”

    Well, then I guess we can say the same about Trump not being Impeached for the Exact Same Reason!
    It wasn’t a Fair Investigation!

  16. Jason Crow D-Co. stated ,”It’s hard to have an acquittal with out a fair trial”. Crow, the burden of proof was on you and all the House Managers and you were unable to bring it. You had bupkus after 2 years of this, so the Senate without any proof of charges acquitted Trump. As a Viet Nam Veteran, thanx for your service. Other than that, you are one of the most worthless people in Congress to represent Colorado because of your blindness to the truth. As a former officer and a gentleman, your elected post has turned you into what most people despise, the swamp. Wake up!

  17. PRESIDENT TRUMP was CLEARED no word impeachment should be used now!
    Dem o s are trying so hard to find anything on OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP bc they are still COVERING UP the CRIMES they have committed against AMERICANS and AMERICA. Dem s KNOW they will be prosecuted by AG BILL BARR. Good man also! CLEANING the DC SWAMP isn’t easy bc you have soros and Obama leading this SCAM/CHARADE

  18. In reality Trump was actually impeached as there were no legal or acceptable grounds of impeachment. Just because the Democrats were in the majority doesn’t mean the impeachment would have won if challenged before the Supreme Court. None of the charges were high crimes or misdemeanors.

  19. These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs (Mutt Romney, Susan Collins, Murkowski, Justice Roberts, Bolton and you know the rest of the traitors) post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  20. By the House Managers reasoning then he was never legally impeached in the House since they didn’t follow proper protocol of due process, allowing Republicans to call witnesses or allowing the President to have representation at said hearings. Not to mention preventing Republicans from asking questions nor allowing the witnesses to answer some of the questions asked.

  21. Hillory Quote OCT 18 2016 “If that bas..rd wins, we all hang from nooses”.The American people want to seriously play rope a dope with you.Are you ready yet? It’s coming.

  22. SORRY, Democrat BUFOONS . . . acquitted means ACQUITTED. like it or NOT! And NO amount of your discredited LYING is going to change ANYTHING by what LIES you tell. If anything, the Democrat managers should be facing time in FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION. TREASON and PERJURY as per the U.S. Constitution for attempting an ILLEGAL COUP. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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