Iran Might Have Shot Down a Ukrainian Airliner, But Pete Buttigieg Blames America

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We’re less than two weeks into 2020, but we already have a statement that definitively sums up the current state of the Democratic Party.

There is now evidence that the Ukrainian airliner that crashed in Tehran on Tuesday was shot down by a Russian-built surface-to-air missile, such as those used by Iran’s anti-aircraft system. And guess whose fault that is, according to Mayor Pete?

A candidate for president of the United States just blamed the United States for Iran shooting down a commercial airliner and killing dozens of civilians. Buttigieg could’ve just expressed his condolences. He could’ve said nothing at all. Instead, he decided to blame his own country for the actions of one of its enemies. That was his instinct. It’s not really a surprise, but it’s informative to have documented proof of it.

Iran did this. It’s Iran’s fault. But Dems can’t say so because everything has to be Trump’s fault.

“Country over party.” Ha!

Is this the sort of wisdom we could expect from a President Buttigieg? Are Dems really this nostalgic for Barack Obama and his worldwide apology tour?

And now will come the backpedaling, the insistence that Buttigieg didn’t mean what he very clearly said, the counterattacks that his critics are homophobic, jingoistic warmongers, etc. It’s all just so tedious.

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58 thoughts on “Iran Might Have Shot Down a Ukrainian Airliner, But Pete Buttigieg Blames America

  1. Never ceases to amaze me! People hate this country so much and still allegedly want to be the president. I think he should run for office in Iran, he probably looks good in a dress.

  2. Pete Buttigieg is a clueless, brain fogged sexual predator. Just like the rest of his left sides group, they throw blame every where.

  3. I’m 69 years old and would’ve died for my country 50 yesrs ago when I was in the Marines had I gone into combat. Here we have s typical coddled fudgepacker waiting to destroy our way of life. Hope he lives to regret it!

  4. Daddy was a communist, Petey is the same. Never was a communist who owned a real brain.
    A queer state of affairs, hey what?

  5. pete did you ever learn how to use your brain??
    I mean, you do have something other than “sawdust” up there, don’t you??

  6. Ever since Trump got elected, the Demoncrats have come out to prove who they really support and it’s not America. They will support illegals, they’ll support Iran, they will support Socialism, they will support third term and after abortion, anything against American values. I’m done with those idiots. Trump 2020

    1. The Democrats care about America and the Constitution more than the republicans They prove it everyday. We do not support Socialist that is Bernie and the squad and Warren. They do not support illegals trump does he is the one that made the run for the border of what he says. If you do not want the illegals here tell the Senator of your state. Abortion should be left with the doctor, the patient and her husband not the government. Why would you go for the corrupt idiot trump if you are done with the idiots?????? Biden 2020

      1. What country have you been living in, Patricia?, . The Left dominates the Democratic Party and Biden kow tows to its agenda. BTW a husband has no rights in an abortion decison. States like NYS have gone far beyond Roe V. Wade in allowing abortion at any tme for any reason. Trump/Pence 2020

      2. I’ll bet the dems can’t recite the Constitution as they keep repeating the same two lines. Row vs Wade was a big deal when I was younger and now the girl who took it to court is very sorry she did. She was young and foolish. As for illegals send the government your money because the US is broke. No one expects the bills to get paid or a budget and we will be printing monopoly money and because a third world country. Let the people in who have the money to get started and get the bills paid. I don’t like Trump but he’s better than what Nancy has done to the party.

  7. Butt G & others who blurt out traitorous/divisonal comments R encouraging rogue/radical nazi-like nations.
    They R responsible 4 terrorism & totalitarian regimes who murder without impunity.

  8. This man would impeach GOD if he could for saying that a man should not lay with another man. Oh, that is in the Bible. Maybe he should read it.

  9. I certainly deplore Mayor Pete’s ludicrous charge that the USA is responsible for this tragedy, but I also reject the personal homophobic remarks abou t the South Bend Mayor. They have nothing to do with the issue involved. Trump/Pence 2020

  10. Every time a Democrat presidential candidate opens his or her mouth, President Trump gains in popularity. As they say, when your enemies are destroying themselves right in front of you, don’t stop them!

  11. said it before and I’ll say it again…..Peter Buttplug needs a mouthplug. I haven’t heard one single intelligent thought come out of his mouth


  13. The Democrats are like children. Their lack of morals and values are disgusting, If they even go to church they take their nap there. It’s too bad their mother didn’t believe in abortion, because they wouldn’t be here spouting satan crap. Democrats, once you’re in hell God doesn’t pull you out.

  14. There is a lot of comments about Buttigeig and most are directed at his homosexuality. He will self-destruct before the nomination process is completed, if enough pictures of him with his wife/husband are circulated. California may be ready for a “gay” governor, but the country does not want a “gay” president. Happy, yes, “gay” no!

  15. There’s some very interesting post
    The one that says the democrats are socialist and stand for the contistutistition kinda got me if that were really true why they trying to do away with free speach and also take away guns so you can’t defend yourself also telling lies about trump trying to pull a coop de trying to over throw the people’s vote.don’t know what she drinking but better lay off it for awhile.Pelosi tearing up trump speach show she detest for the President and millions of voters.I hope a demoncrat never wins I have been thinking I know Pete b. Can’t win but if he just say he did what would you call the one filling his mouth the first man LOL.and these people that don’t know if they are a male or female can look.mid way of their bodies and tell.dam had to go take a leak and scared me it shrunk I broke out in a sweat to go see if I can com down.good night you Good people.MAGA

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