Ilhan Omar Gets a Rude Awakening After Trashing Ivanka Trump’s Family on Twitter

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Clayton Kierns from Trending Politics reports, Candace Owens took a blowtorch to Democrat Rep Ilhan Omar on Tuesday after she took a vicious shot at Ivanka Trump for simply spending time with her family.
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105 thoughts on “Ilhan Omar Gets a Rude Awakening After Trashing Ivanka Trump’s Family on Twitter


      1. I can’t imagine every time she open her mouth just nasty come from there nothing good at all kick her out of USA as fast as we can i don’t see any Democrats better at all

          1. I totally agree with Phyllis! I will be so——- glad when they are out of out lives once and for all.They are filled with HATE for us and HATE for our HOLY GOD and HATE for our beautiful wonderful the greatest place anyone could ever live AMERICA!!!!! Get lost you evil hate creeps!

      2. The Squad needs to be shipped out of the U.S. They don’t belong in our Congress or in the United States of America. What a bunch of hateful idiots they are. They need to be shunned until they’re out of the Congress and the U.S.

        1. SO UNBELIEVABLE …The behavior of a Somalian woman welcomed into AMERICA…and behaving so
          UNAMERICAN…and trying to reduce the freedoms we have…and destroy our country..she was granted so much in
          America…my SUGGESTION TO HER
          GO HOME…you won’t have freedom
          America gave you and you are not grateful for..

        2. Considering the manner in which those witches got to Congress by answering a “Curtain Call” sponsored by the radical Young Turks, they thought they were the new “generation of smart politicians” in DC. They were inexperienced to say the least but still thought their new ideas were brilliant and wanted to shove them down our thrats! However, what they managed to do was infuriate the people and it is all the more reason to vote them out of office at the next election! Voters need to be very selective when they vote and please pay more attention to the ones running for office so we don’t repeat our mistakes again…..we can’t afford to put traitors in the highest office in the US!

    1. I do agree with you Phyllis – they are toxic…they DO hate the Republic and democracy – yet they won’t get out and move to – – – oh, maybe China or Iran or Venezuela or any other repressive country… they just want to bad mouth the US because they can…they have no idea what their stupidity does to their credibility and how much people ARE laughing at their moronic outlook. I must say, they must have miserable family lives and their view of themselves must be very traumatic for them to hold onto anger so strongly. What a miserable life to live with…they really do need to change their attitudes and outlooks…life can be very rough but not to the point that one destroys themselves because of a churning hatred for anyone who does not walk “lock step” with them…sad, really sad.

      1. I phoned a democrat to wish a happy birthday and instead of a thankyou, I got a blast about how bad the president is!Their hatred is extremely toxic and evil!

        1. The Dems who have turned Socialists have been brainwashed. All of the Obama Administration hon, and especially Crooked Hillary, is responsible for this. They have been overcome by this toxic badmouthing they were told to do. I doubt if they can change unless they get some therapy to undo their mindset.

          1. They’re all part of the Deep State Cabal and believe in Satanism and that is so wrong! That’s why there is so much tension and hatred in the Democratic party as we have seen the evil things they display almost on a daily basis and their pure hatred of Pres. Trump and his family all because we the people voted him to be POTUS instead of Hillary. And the good thing about that is God had a hand in it and chose Donald J Trump for the job. And he is doing a great job in putting the people and America first, and in handling this coronarvirusp situation very well with a great task force of informed members to help us out! God bless each and everyone of them!

    2. Smarten up America. If you vote a few more like her in and send them to Washington you will no one to blame but your self. Spend the rest of your life living in fear.

        1. dream?? to live in hatred?? to destroy this nation and lower it to socialism and communism,,,,what country do you admire with those governments that you want us to be like? Dont you realize that once you have done so, you will not be allowed to express your opinion, you cant protest, you cant advance yourself nor your friends and family? Some one else will be in charge, not you ,,,,you have a proven reputation of raising a ruckus,,,,and you will be dealt with in very short order,,,

          1. Mr. Stricland, my hat’s off to you for giving Dana a piece of your mind! If she is unhappy living in America she does have a choice of moving to any of the countries living under socialism and communism and see how she likes it. I doubt any American would hold her back from moving to a socialist country! Stupidity and ignorance are probably her best traits.

      1. If they love the commuinist/socialist life so much, why don’t they find the many countries who live under that type of regime. Why are they still in the U.S. mouthing off about their stupid ideas. Got news for “The Squad”, the United States will NEVER EVER turn socialist/communist. So, they should just pack up and get the hell out of here or keep their stinking mouths shut.

    3. Actually it is starting to get to look like a comedy of errors in that outfit! None of them have any brains, in their hatred they all point at each other and try to down the president, who just goes his own way looking after the country and the people and does a fantastic job!

      1. The American people are so fortunate that we finally have a President who knows what he’s doing and is putting the America and its people FIRST. God bless President Trump, we’re lucky to have him lead the United States of America.

      1. Where would they be happy? In Hell?

    4. Sadly she will be reelected because the district she represents is 67% Somalis. This is because Obama admitted 20 to25 thousand Somalis during his administration. They were all released in her district. This is why she has no shame. She is nothing more than a Somalian whore that has an IQ of an ant. She needs to be exterminated she hates our country and way of life. GO TO HELL WHORE.

    5. Omar along with her other Anti-American, Anti-Semetic followers of the likes of Louis Farrakahn, David Duke and Islamic Jihadists. Omar is nothing more than a common whore who fooled a lot of ignorant people in Minn. She was sworn in with her hand on the quaran, rather than the bible, supports the annihilation of Israel, our most reliable ally in the Middle East, supports death to every Jew, as the quaran says and would have no problem in seeing revolution and anarchy in the United States. It may be acceptable to marry your brother in Somalia; however, it is not in the Untied States…she had an affair with her campaign head and then married him…(not sure if she divorced her brother, but who cares!!)
      If the great people of Minnesota re-elect her, then they deserve what they get…Even if they are staunch Muslim supporters, I would hope that they have some allegiance to the country that has given them the freedom and right to “live the dream” in the greatest Republic in the history of the world.

    1. It seems to me that Omar got American Citizenship by lying. Our naturalization laws allow us to rescind that citizenship if it was given under false pretenses…………….

  2. I couldn’t agree more with Phyllis above! Those women do NOT act like Americans but like the enemies of Americans. THEY DO NOT BELONG IN OUR CONGRESS NOR WASHINGTON D.C. Like Phyllis said, “Send them all to Somalia” and send those people who agree with them also to Somalia. We don’t want any of their trash talk nor them in our Country.

    1. I agree with the above writers, those women do not know the meaning of the word American, or what we stand for.Congress needs to get them out of our American government. What is wrong with people putting them in our White House. For the one in particular .Shed the scarf or whatever your country calls it or go back to where you belong.

    2. I don’t know why people in MN. would ever vote for a person like that to represent their state, it says a lot about them and where their mind is.

  3. I agree with above 2 comments – I didn’t think there were enough ignorant dimwits who could have voted them into office!

    1. You have to talk to Obama and his State Dept. They are responsible for placing so many Muslim immigrants who hate the Us in groups large enough to vote these kind of politicians in office. The GOP is content with saving their cushy jobs to be concerned with the average citizen or finding someone to run against these idiots.

  4. Hey Tucker you better not let any politicians off the selling stock so far you have mentioned 3 republicans and just slightly 1 democrat if you really think that’s it shame on you
    Don’t stop geterdone

  5. If you believe in Karma, omar is heading the list with a front row seat in hell reserved just for her…Evil, evil, evil
    woman that want to destroy the U.S…..

  6. I am still can’t understand why, why people opt to leave family, culture, friend behind in order to come to our country to HATE US, HATE OUR SYSTEM, OUR RELIGIONS, AND OUR POLITICAL SYSTEM. WHY?
    I have come to one conclusion; That their hate against us is so big, that they had to come here to do

  7. I am worried that the voters in her district are plentiful enough to keep her in……if that is true then there is no way to get her voted out of office….

  8. Perfect example of planting
    A communist into our system of democracy
    With foreign money she is a communist pure and simple
    To hell with her and her buddies of hate

    1. I so totally agree with you. There has to be big money behind her, and her evil friends. Everyone ( real Americans) should move there, just to vote her out. The mistake was sending all of them to basically one place originally, they ended up having enough voting power to get her in. It is a evil crack in our congress, they have tried to divide & conquer already.

      1. That was no mistake! Obama knew what he was doing to get them all bunched up together for take overs! Actually there was a law against it, but the left doesn’t pay attention to laws, they think they can do as they please as 5hey keep getting by with anything as they do seem to . I hope we soon se a turn and they start getting held responsible for all their anti American junk!!!


  10. Omar and the squad are unamerican and cannot be trusted, unamerican

    Please send them packing and back to there country

    Real Americans come first

    Stupid trash like AOC and Omar should go to either their real country or head out of space

    As soon as possible they think Americans are stupid they are

  11. Thank you President Trump for all you have done and continue doing for the USA. Send Omar and her bunch back. They know nothing of pride, loyalty, and the American Way. Trump 2020

  12. Obama brought thousand of Muslims here when he was in office so now there are enough to put representatives in Congress. It’s not Americans voting them in.

  13. They’re not here just to hate Americans they’re here to work with the leftists crazy morons to TAKE AMERICA DOWN FROM WITHIN we real Americans must stop them WHY ARE AMERICANS VOTING THEM IN OUR GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS DON’T VOTE FOR NOT ONE OF THE 5000 MUSLIMS RUNNING FOR OFFICE IN THIS ELECTION YEAR VOTE THE SQUAD OF FOUR MUSLIMS OUT OF OFFICE founder of Cair Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to dominate the Koran the muslims book of scripture should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only religion in the world not one muslim will simulate into our culture not one

  14. It’s very difficult to vote someone out of office if there are more of them than you. Obama had eight years to stack the deck but someone else had to be doing it before him. Deep state runs far and wide.

  15. You all are right on
    But, she [the squad] won’t be voted out in November. The left had moved so very far away from American principles, American values that they love her and them. GWB wasn’t as conservative as JFK. Now the socialists and commies represent the liberal party. Make no mistake. Joe Biden wants the same thing as Bernie, but is soft peddling to gain back the moderate voters, then what you see today, with this COVID struggle will be the norm under the Socialist Democratic Party.

  16. Well when her President and Commander and Chief gets 4 more years in November, she can put that in her pipe and smoke it, so crybaby on.

  17. Please please vote Omar out of office so she can hate America from Iran or whatever 3rd world country that hates us will take her & please take her brother & husband with her! P.s. take AOC and Maxine Waters with her! God Bless America!❤️

  18. Sooooo what was the “Incest Queen of MN.,” advocating for family fun…taping a bomb onto her kids and setting it off in the middle of a crowd? We all know the perversion’s that you and your Cult practice in the name of…whoever it is you pray too…but it isn’t the Judaeo-Christian God!
    You are a very sad person and a poor excuse for a human being when you have to attack children having fun with their mother. But I guess that’s how a person gets when they openly break their Oaths of Office…AND their Oath of Citizenship to the country who took them in!
    Make no mistake, you are going to be Indicted, and eventually deported after you are pulled from office, stripped of you citizenship and serve a 30 sentence in prison!

  19. all the muslims should go back where they came .they will never make America a Muslim country as that’s what they want to do.Either they want to make you muslim or they would rather behead you>

  20. God in us is greater than Satan in them. We have been such a sinful nation and taken God out of everything. There are only two Gods. God and good or Satan and evil. We sit back and do not defend God and good. We sit back and do not call on Him. We busy our lives and don’t read the Bible, we don’t fast and pray. We do drugs, we have affairs, we party, we put on sports teams above God. We put our jobs before God. We let our children spend their lives on their phones and video games, not going to church and taught about the all mighty God. We allow the lies and deceit that babies are trash and to be murdered because our women do not want to take responsibilities for their actions. The whole time we have had this enemy sneaking in our country and taking over Our country and our laws. The whole time God is not removing himself and his protection from us but we are removing ourselves from him. We are removing His protection from us and stepping into this evilness. He will not force Himself on us or in our lives. He is waiting on us to repent and once again become a Christian nation that we were meant to be. Then and only then will we see a change for America. There is a Scripture in the Bible that says, “in the last days what is right will be deemed wrong, and what is wrong that will be deemed right”.
    Wake up America and my fellow Americans and get on your knees and pray.

  21. This person shouldn’t even be in America and she wants to rant about any one of us? PATHETIC AND SHE IS IN OUR CONGRESS?

  22. Bella Pelosi, better known as Dracula. Sneaked in a 1 billion Dollar funding for Plan Parenthood (The abortion factory) in the Coronavirus bill. Never let a crisis go to waste is one of the Demoncrat 10 Satan Commandments.

    Wuhan Virus AKA: Coronavirus weaponized by China and their treasonous Godless demoncratic Commie party and cohorts the fake media, academia, Hollywood, Millennials…to crash the greatest US economy ever! And to take down the greatest president ever, President Trump!! Keep up the great work President Trump! 2020 and beyond! From the Patriots of a Commie Demoncrat free America!

  23. Once again proves who the true racist are . And who keeps stirring the pot to cause discord among our countries people.

  24. That creature should get a lot more than a rude awakening if she does not keep her
    big mouth shut. Maybe someone can sell her to a trafficking group and they can send
    her to Africa to be some terrorist slave. I can dream can’t I. She loves the terrorist so
    much I am sure she would fit right in. She can get her a fifth husband and after she
    has sucked him dry she can then get her a sixth and so on.

  25. To those who choose to trash wholesome living in favor of political turmoil I quote the words of your own party, namely Forrest Gumps mother who said ” stupid is as stupid does.” Omar, Think before you post, otherwise you might just get burned.

  26. Oh her own community in Somalia won’ t take her back
    She broke everyone of the Sharia Laws she would be stoned to death
    To truly display their faith
    She has none

  27. They’re are just a bunch communist want takeaway this country. I hope they will send them home sooner, their country probably didn’t wanted them then may have to drop them in the ocean then they can have party with a bunch of sharks! They really have a lots of fun!

  28. No one and I mean no one should attack any of President Trumps family members.

    Donald Trump is the President and they should comment on him if they wish to do so because of freedom of speech but his family should be office limits.

    This is my opinion and I am sticking to it.

    GO TRUMP 2020! Winning this next election should give them something to really talk about!

  29. Why are Refugee’s given CITIZENSHIP? NONE should be given Citizenship! They should be returned home and then and then stand in line like everyone else wanting Citizenship. We end up with crap like Omar and many others that hate America and work AGAINST America. I also believe they should NEVER be in State or Federal Government. How stupid are we when enemies like Omar are in Congress and given a megaphone to blast out hate against everything in America. WHY can’t America take her Citizenship away and kick her all the way back to the SH she came from?

  30. This MOOSLIME Somalian S*K*A*N*K needs to take her Brother/Husband back to Somalia and return the FILTH to her Homeland!! This is America and Ivanka is an American Citizen that is twice the Person and Lady that Omar will EVER be!! Omar is just a dried up ld WHORE that would and does screw a dog or snake!!!

  31. Hahaha, and you all know why joe Biden is selecting all woman to be in he’s gang??? Woman has the power to offend any one with no punishment for which a man can be in jail for life, remember Rashida Tlaib??? We Americans only bla bla bla

  32. We’re we have a member of the radical Religion of Islam who hates all we stand for yet we were so docile as to elect her to our Congress swear allegiance on her so clawed Bible the Quran that tell them if we’re not of their religion is OK to behead us. This is Freedom that we were taught all throughout our learning years, just they forgot to tell us if these so called new Americans hated us all we stand for and would behead us if WE didn’t join their hate Gang. We did just that with two Islamic haters and they try verbally to behead us our Pres And our FLOTUS. WHAT WE WERE MISTAKENLY TAUGHT MUST NOW BE RECTIFIED TO 1. Dismiss these haters, 2. Never place those who hate us and wish us death in our Government ever again. 3. Were this to of happened we must dismiss this person or persons and return them to their native country and never allowed to return again under Federal Law.

  33. Omar is simply a communistic SLUT who somehow became a citizen of this country. Since she seems to hate our country and its lifestyle, she should be tried for her many crimes – no matter how small or large – and convicted. A healthy sentence of perhaps 15 to 20 years would be sufficient time for her to convert her twisted mind. That is if she has a mind at all. The United States used to have a fine, upstanding state like MN, but Obama used his eight years in office to send sufficient Islamic people to MN to directly affect the state of MN and infiltrate their state government and our National Congress. Our Senate should initiate action to expel the entire “Squad” before they further erupt our chosen way of life. Organizations such as CAIR should be condemned by Congress, but the Democrats will support CAIR and all other organizations of similar nature. For the past 20 years, the Democrats have destroyed much of our way of life, and it time for the Republicans to take over the reigns and Make America Great Again.! Vote Republican this coming November!!!

  34. The “squad” is just the tip of the iceberg. I personally know a “russian analyst” at the state department who perpetually runs around saying “f_ _ k Trump”, “Trump is a F_ _ _ _ _g idiot” and still gets promoted. The dangers to this great republic go way deeper than just those four idiots.

  35. Its inspiring to read all your comments and WE THE PEOPLE agree that the squad needs to go far away from American soil.Now that God is showing us what is really going on in our great country WE THE PEOPLE need to step up and GET IT DONE and help our President he can’t do it alone.What say you?


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  39. I could listen to Candace Owens speak all day. She’s sensible and knows what she’s talking about much more than the politicians. If you get a chance go listen to her speak.

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