Huffington Post Contributor: ‘Iranians Are Being Used By People on the Left as a Tool to Attack Trump’

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It doesn’t happy often — sadly — but every now and then, a leftist blogger or journalist wakes up to the fact that his or her fellow progressives are all too willing to suck up to dictatorial regimes if they believe doing so helps them politically. Case in point: Huffington Post contributor Yashar Ali, who tries to explain to his fellow liberals that what they’re doing — siding with the Mad Mullahs and against freedom-loving Iranians — is wrong.

With regard to the massive protests that have broken out in Iran, Yashar explains that “all the family/friends I spoke to who live in different parts of Iran) are furious that they were lied to for three days about the case of the plane crash. The Iranian government lied left and right about where the plan was headed” and what “brought down the plane.” In other words, “The Iranian government completely mishandled the plane crash, destroying evidence in the process. Iranians are in the street calling for death to the Supreme Leader (something that could get them executed). Iranians are in the street calling for prosecutions, saying Soleimani is a murderer. Telling leadership of the Iranian government to resign and saying Trump isn’t the problem, that the Iranian government is.”

“To say that these protesters are brave,” he adds, “is an understatement.”

“Nearly 2 months ago,” Yashar explains, “Iran massacred hundreds (at least) and up to 1,500 of its citizens in the streets for protesting against gas prices.” Yes, you read that right: the Mad Ayatollah’s butchers slaughtered as many as 1,500 people because they had the audacity to complain about the rising costs of gas. “People in the streets are taking an enormous risk not only by protesting but by saying what they’re saying like death to the Supreme Leader,” the Huffington Post-contributor rightfully adds.

And that’s when he takes a moment to criticize his fellow liberals. “The idea that [Trump is] to blame for a decision the IRGC made” to shoot down the passenger airliner, he writes, “is just absurd. And while Iranians aren’t a monolith and there are 80 million people in Iran, you don’t see Iranians blaming President Trump for the crash (in which Iranian citizens were killed). They’re blaming the IRGC and the Supreme Leader for a series of horrific mistakes.”

In other words, the Iranian protesters aren’t NeverTrump. They’re NeverKhamenei.

“I’ve gone through some of the most active and prominent liberal Twitter accounts and none of them mentioned the Iran protests today. These same people were actively tweeting about wanting to avoid war and attacking Trump for his decision. What happened?” Yashar wonders.

He can only conclude that “Iranians are being used by certain people on the left (I didn’t say all) as a tool to attack President Trump. But these same people don’t seem to care to support their right to protest?” And so, he continues, “It seems to me the protests were inconvenient for some of these folks today. They were placing the blame on the Iranian leadership who lied repeatedly about what happened. They weren’t blaming President Trump… so it wasn’t worth it to bring attention to or support them?”

It’s incredibly sad but, yes, that’s exactly what’s happening.

“This happens often with people living in authoritarian states & with certain religious/ethnic groups,” he continues. “We’re used as tools to push domestic political agendas. We’re told what to feel and think by people with no connection to our country & and no idea what they’re talking about.”

Harsh… but true.

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10 thoughts on “Huffington Post Contributor: ‘Iranians Are Being Used By People on the Left as a Tool to Attack Trump’

    1. As frustrating as dealing with the lies and corruption has been, we should try very hard not to be flip right now. We’ve just witnessed a miracle from God, and this may our opportunity to finally open more eyes to the TRUTH. What a wonderful thing that would be. If anything could stop our corrupt leaders in their tracks, this truth just might be it. :o) God bless.

  1. For those without access to factual news, Iranian’s are risking their lives to wake the world to the truth. They’re refusing to step on US and Israeli flags and are chastising those that are, they’re screaming death to the Iran leadership, tearing down posters displayed of Soleimani and asking why he’s being honored when he in fact was behind 1500 Iranian deaths during other recent protests. Iranians are calling their leadership their personal isis, and they are so at risk that people need to listen to their truth rather than corrupt and self serving lib’s and rinos in the US. If Huff post is finally willing to publish some true facts, we have witnessed a miracle. So for the lib’s that continue to make all of these fake claims, it’s about their lives and not your political propaganda and agendas. We need to pray for all of God’s children, and especially those willing to lay down their lives for Him. They didn’t choose their birthplace and truth be told, Iran has the fastest growing Christian population in the ME right now. These people are screaming for our help in stopping their religious persecution and slave status. Trump may not have a great bedside manner but Hillary’s a deceitful evil murderer. No one’s life should be contingent on the party that they follow. There comes the day when we must all make a choice. Do we act based upon politics or based on right from wrong. Will you listen to the true victims or follow the corrupt liberal party and deceitful rino’s. If your choice is to continue the latter, you’re just as complicate in their deaths as our corrupt politicians. I choose to meet God being a leader. I pray for the souls of those that will still choose to be followers.

    Kudos and great thanks to this Huff post writer. He too has placed himself at risk and should be commended for his strength and candor. May God bless and protect this author, as well as all of His children worldwide. God bless and send extra protection to His Iranian children in their dangerous resolve and mission. Amen.

  2. Of course. Democrats / liberals are compo de tely deranged mentally ill freaks that just cant and stand that a non demo rat won the election. It is not a debate about the best way to govern for liberals. For liberals their ideas are religion. For them climate change is real and a fact even though every prediction and trends they have stated has ended up false. They believe socialism/ communism works even though it fails every time. They believe despite their failures. It is religion and trump is the icon of their version of antichrist or Mohammad in a jar of piss. It makes them crazy. So any attack is a fair attack.

  3. The globalist illuminati, whom make fortunes on war, has used americans during WWI, WWII, korea and vietnam. We were the striving, burgeoning culture growing country and less than nourished culture whom was placed on the debt merry go round when Wilson formed the fed reserve which is collateralized by these illuminati globalists. This insured that america would be subjugated to do their bidding. Now, the burgeoning Muslim population is skinny and craven and the world depends upon the oil under their land so the illuminati globalists have fomented derision and enemies for the muslims under which the illuminati globalists not only make money from oil but also from the endless wars that are instigated in muslim lands. The infidel has the most mature military paid for by the collateralizing illuminati globalists so they get a return from the debt they burden to keep the American war machine going which protects the oil supply and torments the muslims to act out in aggression which generates further profits from these conflicts. We know the V demonorats are just tavistock minions doing the bidding of the globalists and iran is the pathos du jour to increase tge,rate at which the glibalists realize a return from the debt they have collateralized conflicts. Notice how china is ramping up military spending as it will soon be their turn to increase the rate at which the colkaterakizrrs generate revenue from the debt they have floated to develop global manufacturing superiority which will then need to be protected which the globalist illuminati will profit from

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