Here They Go Again: Pelosi to Launch New Investigation into Trump

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Just when you thought America’s long impeachment drama was over and behind us, the Democrats have begun the process to do it again. While most of us believed they would try to repeat impeachment, we thought it would start in the second term and not a mere week after Trump was acquitted the first time.

But Nancy Pelosi is hot under the collar about Trump tweeting about the absurdly long sentence that Deep State prosecutors suggested for Roger Stone. The president tweeted out a storm of criticism when the news broke that prosecutors were recommending nine years in prison.

Keep in mind that child rapists get an average of three to seven years in prison. Calling the recommendation for the sentence, which was certainly politically motivated, “horrible and very unfair” (and it may not even a crime based on the way these prosecutors do business), the president then went on to question the prosecutors. These same prosecutors, who had ruined the lives of many people surrounding the president, were connected to the Mueller witch-hunt. None of the charges were related to the president or anything his administration had done but were a conglomeration of tax offenses from years ago and “lying to the FBI,” which was a crime created after the investigation began.

Process crimes or crimes committed during an investigation are often a strategy by law enforcement to bring a charge where none could be found. Interview a suspect enough times, and keep them in solitary confinement, as they did to Paul Manafort, and you will eventually get an inconsistency in the retelling of facts. Then they slap a charge of “lying to the FBI” on the suspect and jail him. It’s out of control and should not be allowed to happen again. Trump called out the judge who is presiding over Stone’s case as the same judge that threw Manafort into solitary confinement. Manafort’s crime was tax evasion and money laundering years ago before Trump was president. No one has ever heard of a white-collar criminal being punished like Hannibal Lecter. Manafort, 70 years old, was treated like a terrorist and became very sick while held in confinement at Rikers, a maximum-security prison two hours away from his legal team. His family was given no information on his condition, even though he had to be hospitalized. 

Trump has unleashed retribution after his acquittal and is going after every one of the coup conspirators who has investigated him and everyone who surrounds him since 2016. Don’t forget that Democrats used purchased fake documents to launch the investigation and obtained falsified FISA warrants to illegally tap the president and his campaign. These people are criminals. Nancy Pelosi is going to try and turn Trump’s tweets into more impeachable offenses. She tweeted out her belief that he is violating her made-up rules of behavior for presidents and he “should be investigated” for “interfering” with the sentencing of Roger Stone.

You can take it to the bank that she will launch an investigation and this circus will begin again. The president, though, doesn’t care at all. He continued to tweet out truth bombs about the corruption in the US Attorney’s office where it seems Democrat operatives have been working overtime to smear and destroy him. Shortly after the president started tweeting about the four prosecutors, all four of them recused themselves from Stone’s case and three resigned their positions. Gee, I wonder why? Further, there are serious questions as to whether or not the prosecutors lied to the DOJ about the sentencing recommendation. Officials at the DOJ claim they were given a different recommendation from those same prosecutors and called the nine-year sentence request “extreme, excessive, and disproportionate.”

The president pointed out the unfairness in sentencing for people connected to Democrats. And whatever happened to Tony Podesta anyway? Wasn’t he supposed to go to prison? The president remembers. Has he even been indicted? Mueller was supposedly investigating him for not registering as a foreign agent. His firm had to be shuttered, but somehow Podesta just walked away unscathed. Even ABC noticed how strange that was.

In the wave of publicity surrounding the special counsel’s reported interest in the work, Podesta abruptly shuttered his firm. … Podesta had deep ties to Democratic politicians and liberal causes – his brother, John, served as chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and oversaw  Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, and Podesta Group had been a staple for political and corporate clients with household names, from Google to The Washington Post to the late Sen.  Ted Kennedy…The Podesta Group’s 28-page closing foreign-agent registration filing – made three months late due to a “computer error,” a spokesman said – marks the firm’s termination of work for foreign clients including Iraq,  Moldova,  Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia, and suggests an end to Podesta’s 31-year run at the intersection of politics and influence in Washington.

Does anyone believe that the Trump campaign could have made a “filing error” and gotten away with it? But if you’re a Democrat, life is good and solitary confinement isn’t in the cards for you. Either are indictments, it seems, because we all know that people like Hillary Clinton don’t “intend” to break the law, even when they’re destroying cell phones with hammers and using BleachBit on servers. The FBI is nice enough to give people like her and everyone connected to her the benefit of the doubt, while throwing the book at anyone who ever helped Trump.

The president should continue to point out the unfairness and inequality in our justice system when it comes to elite Democrats. He has every right to direct the Department of Justice to investigate this obvious corruption. Everyone seems to have forgotten all the times Barack Obama directed Eric Holder to do his bidding, but we haven’t. Nobody went to jail for Fast and Furious, where our BATF sold guns to Mexican cartels that were then used to kill an American border agent. Not one government official served one day of prison for that. Eric Holder was charged with criminal contempt for withholding evidence but the Obama administration and the DOJ refused to prosecute him. Matt Margolis has that scoop today and four other instances where Obama protected his allies from justice. We live in a country with two systems of justice: one for the elite swamp-dwellers, and one for everyone else. This cannot continue.

Democrats are going to drag this president through absolute hell until every single one of them involved in this treachery is handcuffed and charged and convicted for what they have done. And that’s the reason they are screeching like vampires hit with Holy Water every time the president points people toward their crimes. The only way the never-ending investigations will end is in frog marches for the architects of this attempt to overthrow a duly elected president of the United States. And that better happen soon, before they do it again.

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117 thoughts on “Here They Go Again: Pelosi to Launch New Investigation into Trump

  1. Filing errors seem to be a democrat thingy, the Clinton’s filed wrongly and were allowed to re-file a corrected version something like years later and without penalty, if I remember correctly.


      1. We absolutely have to vote them out. Unless of course a lot of democrats decide to commit suicide…..That’s about the only way we as a nation are going to prevent a civil war.

        1. The only way a bunch of these donkeys will ever commit suicide and thus lose power is to cross Hillary! Then suicide by two bullets in the back of the head! All security cameras in the area will fail, too!

    2. ……

  2. I think the dems should stop wasting taxpayers money and start doing the job they were elected to do.They keep this foolishness going trying to undermine the president prior to the election. She must not be smart enough to realize she keeps making herself look like a blithering idiot. I can’t understand the rest of the democrats going along with this if they ever hope to win another election.

    1. It’s OK ! The dims are too stupid to realize that they can’t get a 2/3 majority in the US Senate to remove President Trump. And as long as they continue to urinate against the wind, it will just blow back into their ugly faces. The longer they keep it up, the more congressional seats they will lose in the next election.

      1. So, the Democrats are supposed to abrogate their responsibility to constitutional oversight, ignore Trump violating the constitution, the rule of law, just because they face unprecedented Senate Republican violation of the Senate oath to be impartial, the Senate Republicans perjuring themselves by announcing in advance they would rig the Trial, and unlike any impeachment refuse pertinent material evidence and first hand witness testimony? The Dems were “stupid” for honoring precedent, the constitution and the rule of law, because they underestimated the Senate Republicans trashing the constitution and jurisprudence? Total logic failure, Trumpcake.

        1. Are you saying that any one of them can recite the Constitution? They say the same thing you are, violating the constitution. I bet I can dig at least 50 times on line they use the same phrase for everything. I would like to hear the evidence along with the subpoena’s that were illegal please. Fill me in with the facts so I don’t have to hear the titles only. Nobody has and I would like to get it straight in my mind. Thank you

        2. Yes, you ALL are stupid, especially if you think anyone can win against Trump.
          He has 10x the crowd sz any Democrat has ever had. Always will.
          Better order a lot of Pacifiers….for 11/2020

          1. My biggest concern.. and should be every Republicans, is complacency… All of us (Republican Voters) NOT worried about our votes meaning anything because we all expect a Landslide Victory for PRESIDENT TRUMP. So some of us don’t bother to go out and vote….PLEASE, when the time comes, when we are ready to elect our next President, GET OUT AND VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP and help make history by being a part of voting the greatest landslide victory ever… Be a part of helping to save our country from the, what is now the Radical Left, that is hell bent on taking away our rights.. taking away our firearms so we are unable to defend ourselves against out of control government.. Medicare for all..why? It’s not to help but to take complete control… think about this… the Democrats once they have “everyone” on Medicare and it is the ONLY game in town, they now control our healthcare… pretty scary thought.. change the Constitution… Eliminate the Electoral College so they can, with just a hand full of states control all future Elections…just look at what they have been doing these last three years.. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR THE AMERICAN CITIZENS, only a burning desire for Power and Control and at any cost… Even sacrificing many of our rights provided all of us under OUR CONSTITUTION… ❤️

          1. Can you honestly tell why after twenty some years in Congress they blame president Trump for everything that’s wrong after three years. Don’t you think the democrats should have fixed America in that time. God Bless America. Trump in 2020

        3. JR you are an idiot. Everything you are accusing the Republicans of having done are exactly what you lousy lying dems have done. You need brain surgery.

        4. You have to be another criminal democrat with an outlook like that. The democrats violated every rule of law and rules of impeachment in the way they tried to impeach Trump. First the Muller thing did not work out for them. Emoluments were tied up in Court.Nancy and the team decides to railroad Trump by calling only their witnesses. Then not giving the Trump legal team access to cross examining or call witnesses. They did this all secret out of sight and leaked choice information that supported their narrative. The House called all the witnesses they wanted and they thought they had enough to impeach. The voted articles 2 of them and neither of them were impeachable by the Constitution. They decided to sit on the articles for a month trying to make the Senate call more witnesses. They spent weeks on the airwaves pushing their talking points that trial had witnesses and if the Senate did not call the additional witnesses they wanted it would not be fair. The Senate took up the articles of impeachment and tried them as brought with the information the House decided was impeachable. They decided to exonerate based on the information provided. The impeachment should have been dismissed outright the day it hit the Senate. Any crying it was not fair is right the democrats denied all of the President’s right from the start. The Republicans did nothing wrong except for not dismissing the Articles outright. My guess the reason they did not is because of all the crying the Democrats would do crying foul.

        5. JR you missed the point completely. The constitution states that the House of Representatives is charged with impeachment. It is up to them to make their case, interview their witnesses and then turn the impeachment over to the Senate for trial. The senate accepted all of the house’s witnesses and ruled on the evidence presented by the house. The senate refused to do the house’s work (according to the constitution) to solicit additional new witnesses to help with the prosecution. The house did a rush half-heart-ed job and wanted the senate to do their work for them.

        6. JR, you are a moron! I’d suggest that you reconsider what you’ve written, but then I realize that you haven’t any intelligent thought process to begin with. Just remember what Forrest Gump’s mother said.

    2. Until Trump came along, the Democrats thought they had their socialist agenda in the bag. Now that Trump has won, he is draining “The Swamp” and the Democrats feel their money making corruption is going to be exposed. There are only two ways to get these corrupt socialists out: Exposing them for what they are or voting them out.

      1. Better still, why not Guantanamo and let them provide for themselves??? If they want to eat and have a place to live, let them do it by themselves.

    3. I believe it is time to sue the Democraps for the cost of all their three years of trying to over turn n election
      they also should not be paid as they are in the process of doing so because they are not doing heir jobs
      thee three should have lawsuits directed at them personalty

  3. enough is enough! remove this mental case from her position and Congress. investigate her and her family financials and see how much she howls then!

          1. Not to worry. The sharks will do their job and if anything is leftover there are plenty of other water critters to finish up.

  4. The top Democraps should be investigated with Pelosi, Nader, Schiff, and Obama as a starting point. They all deserve prison time.

  5. She is just very dumb because she does the thing to get into doing something just to do it. She is just be taken out completely now.

  6. I can’t believe this they’re at it again when does this FARCE STOP!!!!! America WAKE UP YOU”RE BEING HAD BY THE SCREWBALLS ON THE LEFT!! THEY THINKYOU”RE DUMB!!!!


  8. Until the school liberal control ends only hate and secularism Will prevail. The libes systematically took God out of public life, out of the education institutions ie; in communistic countries… There in lies this nation’s problem of hate, greed, political discretion etc…clintons started Obama the christian hater continued, Catholic polish hah! Is finishing the hate. Quote from her “People YOU don’t need GOD you’ve got us democrats check it out she said these very words God help her……

    1. That’s Catholic Polish Nancy that’s her she should be ex communicated………why did polish print I typed POLOSI (Nancy girl).

    2. I concur with you Gene. Our Prayers are with President Trump and his family, and as long as we have this president, this country will neve be SOCIALIST. God Bless America, God Bless President Trump. Send Nancy and the screwballs on the left to Venuezala, they will find comfort there.

      1. There is no significant socialist movement here. Venezuela was wrecked by International vicious unregulated vulture capitalism. Opec slated oil prices that undermined Venezuela’s tax revenue and sent the country into an economic death spiral.

    3. Obama and the Clinton’s are not Christian haters, they are Christians. It is Trump who is irreligious, and only uses the church for publicity stunts and to walk his latest adultery score down the isle. There is no legitimate substantiated evidence ti support your delusional paranoid conspiracy theories.

        1. Do you remember when Obama was first elected and the head of his worship place spoke? He was shut up and never heard from again, and this is where he was going regularly.

  9. Trump needs to start playing by the same rules as Democrats. The largest and most powerful investigative agencies in the country work for him. Time for across the board investigations of all Democrats in Congress.

    1. But will the DOJ send them to jail. As it stands now all the crimes found and none of them received a prison sentence. Look the Republicans received a prison sentence, and they were set up.

  10. The Democratic Socialists have weaponized the House of Representatives, and they “open and notorious” about this. True American Democrats must be livid that they (True Democrats) have allowed their Party degrade to this state. But this didn’t happen over night, and to be honest it had to have happened right in front of us. We as Democrats should have realized that something had gone off the rails when a candidate was nominated by the National Democratic Party that was not a Democrat. The Words flowed off the lips so smoothly that a negation was enthralled. So year by year the Democratic Party sank month by month and year by year.
    Even as I write this there are Primary’s that are resulting with top candidates that are open about their Socialist backgrounds, yet these Socialist Communists are moving forward.
    We have allowed, at least in California, the Registrar of Voters to manipulate the voter pamphlets in such a way that nearly guarantee that a Democrat elected here..
    When I received my pamphlet it was sent as a “non partisan pamphlet” and contained no Republicans, yet it contained Democrats. When my wife received her Republican Voter pamphlet, it contained Democrats as well as Republicans. Maybe I’m psychic, but I would bet that the Democratic voter pamphlet contains ONLY Democrats.

    1. There is no significant “socialist” agenda in the House. Social Democracy is not “socialism” any more than Democracy. Wow, your wife was provided a choice, how terrible, it means the apocalypse !!

    1. TRUMP, stop snorting prescription speed like Adderall, your are slurring words and forgetting which states are which and where you are !!!

      1. That happens to be Biden you are referring to who can’t remember which state he is in, or maybe you are referring to Obummer who thinks there are 57 states!!!!!!

  11. Nancy Pepsi is a train wreck waiting to happen.I think she has gone over the edge.Congress needs to get back to buisness for the American people all the care about is getting rid of Trump.They don’t care about what is best for our country.

  12. When is this disreputable piece of excrement ever going to do the work she was elected to do? Hate, revenge and resist won’t get the job done. Go home and fix the homeless problem in your district!

  13. The people need to stand up to corrupt liberals. We no longer need people like Pelosi, Schiff. And all the one I cant spell in this country. As far as I’m concerned either the REPUBLICANS or the PEOPLE need to stand up now. I’m tired of putting up with corrupt government thinking they can run PATRIOTIC HONEST AMERICANS in the DIRT.

  14. The dems should all get arrested for career organized crime and seditious , treasonous attempted coup against America , AGAIN ! All with maximum multiple sentences in GITMO .

  15. Dont these stupid insane liberals ever get tired of hitting themselves in the face? These stupid democrats keep doing bv this BS with nothing but negative results.

    Liberals / democrats rats are just plain stupid

  16. Hopefully people get out and vote to get these morons out of office at election time. They need to be removed for greater good of the country. They’ve done nothing but waste taxpayers money on investigations that Obama planted before leaving office to sabotage the presidency.

  17. Pelosi. A spiritually and mentally very sick woman. She thinks she is important. All she constitutes is obstruction towards progress. The people who consistently elect such representatives are even more spiritually and mentally derelict. To that extent, seeing how many clowns are on the left, it states one thing about the usa: That it is a spiritually and mentally a moribund country.

  18. Get rid of these Democrats who do not do their job.More wasting the taxpayers money and not getting anything done for the people.We the people need to send her a message on what we think of her and the do nothing Democrats.

  19. Why doesn’t Pelosi and her cronies get on with their purpose and stop complaining about Trump! He is President now and unless they can get their head out of their ads he will be another 4 years! Do something constructive instead of trying to Destroy what is!!

  20. If American people will do what is right and do away with the Democrats and move on, the people are going to have to end all this bull and clean ALL..

    1. I AGREE, WHY NOT!!!! SHE SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED UP AND DOWN IN AND OUT. as well as medically she suffers from demented crazy ideas plus talks crazy in public to the cameras can’t hold her train of thought. That makes her incompetent!!!
      should be locked up for our and the countries safety!!!

  21. TRUMP should order Barr to arrest Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Waters PLUS other CO CONSPIRATORS they are ALL GUILTY of TREASON!!!! When found guilty impose the maximum sentence under the law on ALL!!! Then we will be rid of ALL of these communist pieces of garbage that what to take over the country by overthrowing the Trump administration!! THAT TREASON!!! THEY SHOULD PAY THE PRICE!!!

  22. Oh come on they just spend how much of the government money on the last one, that I understand they took out of social security wheather thats true or not? I hope not

  23. Maybe if Pelosi would quit smoking so much WEED and leave the WINE a lone and
    Quit putting BOTOX in her BUTT UGLY FACE may she would come to her sinces.She could probably call into the SWAMP and not coming ! !!

  24. The Senate can bring this to a screeching halt. Just let the House leaders know there will be NO defense or debate and as soon as the impeachment reaches the Senate they will IMMEDIATELY acquit.

  25. The loonz & their propaganda arm of the party…. MSM Bizarro Newz are desperately trying to Hamstring A.G. Barr and Giuliani’s interview & by Twising their words Their report has Nancy by the short hairs so tight that she has to glue her Royal Weave on with Elmer’s Glue….!

  26. somebody ” PLEASE ” stop this crazy bitc_ we are sick and tired of pelosi and her gang of democrats with their stupid petty impeachment attempts . she is either that crazy or just stupid ? if you don’t like trump then vote him out in the 2020 elections. FOR GOD SAKES SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP !!!! enough is enough . do you bunch of idiots even care about the people you represent , i have my doubts ” hear us now or hear us at election time. I really don’t think you will like the results !!!!!!

  27. But will the DOJ send them to jail. As it stands now all the crimes found and none of them received a prison sentence. Look the Republicans received a prison sentence, and they were set up.

  28. suspect the democrats will keep on trying until they are decimated at the polls. the reason is that the dem party has goals of socialism and corruption. and they do not seem to realize realize that their goals, mantras are not written law. they will try trump on not following the democrat platform. they have tried to imply that while no written laws were violated by trump they implied that he violated unwritten laws that were somehow agreed upon. the main point is that they are not interpreting between the law they are extrapolating beyond the law limits, mostly because it helps their goals of today.

  29. Any action taken by the Dimocraps shall be recorded and tallied at the end of the month at a rate of $500/hr and charged on Pitlosee account, until said matter is settled. Are these nuts even aware of how the citizenry is feed up and ready to bomb Wash. D.C.?

  30. There is a simply way to put a stop to this impeaching President Trump over and over again with our votes in the 2020 election!!! We simply “dump the whole criminal Democrat Party Mob by voting a straight Republican Party line ticket which is on every election ballot in the 2020 election all across America”!! Remember the criminal Democrat Party Mob cannot impeach him if they are not in control of House or Senate after the 2020 election!!!!!!! We can get at least two years of peace with a solid Republican Congress to back President Trump after the 2020 election!! American voters common sense strikes again in the 2020 election!!!!!!

  31. The Great Trumps, tax returns has nothing to do with him doing his Job. It is no body business what he made or what his taxes were, I wish he would make Peposi show her taxes, an dhow she cheated. She is a useless piece of S.H.I.T

  32. Is there a way we can investigate Pelosi? Her husband used to own Dole or pinneaple company that seemed to get some special favors. If she was busy defending she might stop wasting our money trying to destroy the competition so her 3rd tier candidates could get elected

  33. Before you state you are going to open another investigation, please make sure you have all the facts. If you continue on this path you will have another botched case. As it is what has congress done in the last three years, besides impeachment? As it is the intelligence committee, under Schiff is still not investigating the FISA abuse.

  34. The bottom line here is we must do everything we can as deplorables to re-elect Trump. We need to save the DemonCrats from themselves for they know not what they are doing !! The poor mindless sheep have been led by the Evil of their masters..

  35. 3 strikes polossky. Now it’s your turn & the demonrats turn to pay. Whether its from all your pay checks or from the dnc ( dem nutty commies)

  36. When is The U.S. Taxpayer going to Stand Up and Demand Pelosi Be Removed and Charged with Being a Failure a Fraud and Traitor and Send Her The Total Bill for This Crap !!! Seriously Folks – Long Overdue…

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