Even CNN Is Touting Trump’s Latest Accomplishment That Assures a 2020 WIN!

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John Salvatore from Flag and Cross reports, The Trump economy has caused the stock market to continue to break record after record. In other words, during the three years of the Trump administration, the economy is basically most gangster rappers – it just keeps getting higher and higher.
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28 thoughts on “Even CNN Is Touting Trump’s Latest Accomplishment That Assures a 2020 WIN!

  1. This is the Age of Trump in historical terms. His accomplishments as to the trade and the economy , to date, are beyond any other President. As good as the economy is now, the trade deals with Japan, South Korea, USMCA, when Canada signs, and Phase 1 with China, will create an even greater economy for all Americans. The remainder of the trade deal with China will create a real boom in the U.S. never witnessed before. With a little help from the Democrats, an infrastructure program and a reformed health law could become law to benefit all Americans.

  2. Why can’t all Democrats give acceptance to the economic and world policy strides President Trump has achieved? IMAGINE HOW MUCH MORE WOULD HAVE ACCOMPLISHED IF WE HAD A HANDS ACROSS THE AISLE CONGRESS THAT HAD THE WELFARE OFAMERICA AS ITS FOCUS AND GOAL.

    1. Well said!! My thoughts exactly!! We are ALL Americans…we ALL benefit from what this president and company does. Why are we the only ones to see that? The Dems need to swallow their pride and can re-establish themselves as actual patriots if they HELP instead of destroy this nation, by working with the Republicans. And then they can claim a stake in what is going well regardless of party affiliation. They may actually gain their respect back if they would do that. (Maybe….because after their hoaxes & wasting tax dollars, it may take quite a while for the people to give them any credibility. )

  3. Amen!!! Only the socialist Presidential candidates will have to concede the economic accomplishments under Trump! Since they KNOW they’re gonna lose, they’ll vote for Trump at the ballot box…

    1. Trump is demonstrably an economic and political fascist, just like his admired Dictator Putin. However, there is no legitimate credible evidence of any socialist candidate for president. Making false and misleading statements like your’s is a losing argument.

      1. Still sucking those sour grapes, I see. You might not like him, but he’s doing a helluva better job helping our country get better than Hillary would have done. And it’s taking a long time to undo the damage Obama did, so he needs at LEAST another four years in office. You need to face reality. Trump is NOT what you said, JR….you Communist moron!

      2. ‘Demonstrably’ facist…, really? So why don’t you do it? It’s very easy to launch unsustained statements that only works to fool naive fanatics. Hopefully some day they will open their eyes to see the truth and maybe you yourself.

  4. There has NOT been a better President in the White House since Donald Trump ! His farsightedness has stimulated the entire business atmosphere into a brilliant economy like NEVER BEFORE !!
    I am a retired Engineer and can analyze the situations far better from a technical point of view ! The stock market speaks a very loud language and even the low life democrats must admit this matter !
    More Power to you, Mr. President !

    Best greetings to you, Guenter Keunecke

    1. Non president in history has urinated on our constitution, illegally expanded a global empire, engaged in over a dozen federal violating obstructions, engaged in witness tampering and intimidation, violated Article two – section four, extorting and soliciting foreign governments to interfere in our elections, engaged in serial immorality, is a life long racist, and lied over 15,000 times to the American public, like Trump. Trump is the lowest rated president in 80 years.

      1. So those are your arguments? But do you have real proof of any of them other than fake news opinions and political biased comments? Obviously you have your eyes so tightly closed that you CANNOT SEE the truth around you and only can HEAR what you’re told by those who are actually the ‘thieves’ shouting: GET THE THIEF!!!. I sincerely hope that some day you will open your eyes and feel shame for your current mind blindness.

  5. Sadly, for Democrats it’s not about bettering the lives of the American people. It’s all about them having power over every aspect of government, and making serfs out of every citizen. They are a bunch of spoiled brats pitching tantrums because they didn’t win in 2016, and they are trying every conceivable dirty trick, no matter how dishonest, to destroy what this president has accomplished, and to destroy his chances of getting another term. They call him and his supporters Nazis, but they are without doubt the Nazis. Like Hitler, their only goal is to destroy and rule.

  6. Everything President Trump has endured during the past three plus years have been orchestrated by by the Clintons and Obamas. They hate to see their disservice to our country usurped by the great pro-American strides of Trump.

  7. This guy should keep his fat axe off the vid as he forces me to turn my vid off! He is grating. Just show the story and STFU!

  8. CNN knows Trump is going to be reelected and they are now trying to suck up to him. Let me be the first to clue you in, CNN, he doesn’t really give a chit about you and will probably be the reason you lose your license for lying to Americans during his second term.

  9. Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together. I once again find myself spending way to much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

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