Buttigieg Wins? Confusion Persists Despite Iowa Caucus Results Reaching 100 Percent

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On Thursday night, three days after the Iowa caucuses began, the Iowa Democratic Party finally released the full results of the caucuses, and both former Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) declared victory. Despite claiming to release 100 percent of the results, the Democratic Party did not say how many national delegates each candidate had received.

The final slate of results dropped just before Buttigieg appeared at a CNN town hall event at 9 p.m. Eastern. CNN’s Chris Cuomo told the former mayor that he just barely edged out Bernie in the state delegate equivalents, the number that matters for apportioning delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Buttigieg leads by 26.2 percent to Sanders’ 26.1 percent.

“Well, it’s fantastic news to hear that we won,” Buttigieg responded. “First of all I want to say, first of all, Senator Sanders clearly had a great night, too, and I congratulate him and his supporters.”

When asked whether or not he thinks the party should recanvass, Buttigieg said he would leave that decision up to the party. “Whatever they need to do in order to make sure that the information is clear and verified,” he said.

The Buttigieg campaign has raised concerns with the Iowa Democratic Party over how the party allocates state delegate equivalents from satellite caucuses — where Iowans living out of state or overseas could still participate in the caucuses. The campaign reportedly warned that the party had broken the rules, resulting in Sanders earning more delegates.

Sanders also declared victory, noting that his campaign received support from 6,000 more caucus-goers, even though it received slightly fewer delegate equivalents. “Some 6,000 more Iowans came out on caucus night to support our candidacy than the candidacy of anyone else,” Sanders says in a campaign video. “When 6,000 more people come out for you in an election than your nearest opponent, we here in northern New England call that a victory.”

“Tonight’s release of data by the Iowa Democratic Party confirms Sen. Bernie Sanders won the Iowa caucus,” Jeff Weaver, Sanders campaign senior adviser, said in a statement. “We also feel confident that the discrepancies we’re providing tonight, in addition to those widely identified in the national media, mean that the SDE count will never be known with any kind of certainty. Given the rules changes we fought for that required the release of the popular vote count, SDEs are now an antiquated and meaningless metric for deciding the winner of the Iowa caucus.”

This came hours after Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez demanded the Iowa Democratic Party “immediately begin a recanvass.”

Troy Price, the state party chairman, dismissed Perez’s request by going directly to candidates. “Should any presidential campaign in compliance with the Iowa Delegate Selection Plan request a recanvass, the IDP is prepared,” he said. “This is the official record of the Iowa Democratic caucus, and we are committed to ensuring the results accurately reflect the preference of Iowans. While I fully acknowledge that the reporting circumstances on Monday night were unacceptable, we owe it to the thousands of Iowa Democratic volunteers and caucusgoers to remain focused on collecting and reviewing incoming results.”

The state party did not release any results until nearly 24 hours after the caucuses began, blaming “inconsistencies in the reporting.” This year marked the first time the state party allowed people outside the state to participate in the caucus, and it was the first time the party reported more than one set of results.

The delegate equivalents make the most impact when it comes to the Democratic National Convention, but Sanders’ ability to claim victory in the popular vote may give him some momentum despite his second-place finish where it counts. The delay in the reporting also dampens the natural boost a victory in the Iowa caucuses would usually give a presidential candidate. That said, the results will likely hurt former Vice President Joe Biden — the erstwhile national frontrunner — who may drop to third place in New Hampshire.

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33 thoughts on “Buttigieg Wins? Confusion Persists Despite Iowa Caucus Results Reaching 100 Percent

    1. ha, ha, ha, I LOVE what you said, Stephen! What a country! THANK GOD FOR TRUMP!!!!!! If the buttman ‘ wins ‘….wins what, a book of coupons? If he’s the one, coming face to face with Trump ( that won’t last long ), the trash truck will be there to pick up the pieces!

    2. The poor dems! They want to win in 2020 but they have NO ONE to run unless you consider: a senile, old man, another old man who is a socialist, a lying, old, Indian woman who is not an Indian at all, a really young, inexperienced mayor who runs a city which is falling apart and a tiny old guy on a box with loads of money but not enough $$ to buy the presidency!
      Looking at all these prospects, I’d become a Republican real quick!

  1. If a commie and a homosexual are the best the Democrats have to offer America as presidential candidates, I would have to think it is the ending of the party as we knew it when it was a viable alternative to run the country. Now it is sure that Trump will be president until 2024. What absolute great knees for any patriot that cares for the future of America. Four more years of growth to our economy, out stature in the world, and our complete vindication of the Obama fiasco, I only hope there is complete follow up with prosecutions of any and all criminal acts that were perpetrated in trying to undo a perfectly legal election of Trump.

  2. Being a former IT professional, I’ve been reading a number of accounts regarding the failed software app provided by Shadow, Inc. (who thought up that name?) to try and understand what happened. My conclusion? No one person or group of people could possibly be that stupid. The whole scenario defied credulity. The fact that Shadow is comprised of former election staffers from Hillary’s campaign makes me want to pull out my tin foil hat.

    1. This was a fix to save the HOMO’s Butt. Did you know the fag is in bed with this “Shadow: co, ,that tabulated the Iowa results. Homo Butt campaign paid the two installments of approx. $22,000. The fix was in for Butthead. They had to screw it up or they knew the Fag would get beat by the Commie Sanders and they couldn’t let that happen after all Butthead had already paid for the win. Typical, crooked, lying, worthless Demoncraps. Like it matters. Whatever be the Clown who accepts the Demoncrap nomination. will undoubtedly get his, hers or it’s A$$ severely kicked by “The Donald”! It can’t Miss!

      1. I’m just wondering if it’s all another underhanded ploy to subvert the sanders campaign… Not that I care, it’s all a ‘good’ show and I’ll need more popcorn if I’m inclined to torture myself by watching this bad drama unfold…

    1. Yeah, a commie and a fudge packer. If that’s the best the Dumbocrats can muster up…. they’re doomed from the git go.

  3. I personally don’t want a mayor to run our country unless he had experience in business or Retired Military. A Young Gay man is not what I want. Sorry! Our country has gone way overboard with LGBTQ+ already. I would like to see the change and come Back to normal. I can’t picture it with Butt-Gag in office!!!!!

  4. Solution for the Iowa problem is for the Democrats to enforce their own politically correct policy. They have shoved their politically correctness down our throat for years. There are no winners and no losers but everyone gets a participation trophy.

  5. Dumbo rats have brought all of this disarray on themselves. Sorry but they asked for it. The arrogance of them thinking it was ok to undo a presidency duly elected by the American people with a phony impeachment. Shame on them all. God Bless America

  6. I hear ya, Denn. I don’t want Crazy Bernie or Buttgag and his first man. That makes me want to throw up. I’m sticking with President Trump. I voted for him in 2016 and he gets my vote this year again!!!!!!!!

  7. There will always be some who vote for Pete because they simply want to feel good about themselves, that they can vote for a member of the gay community, and there for they (the voter) must be a good person. The gay community will understandably vote him because he is “one of us” and it feels comfortable. Then there are those who won’t vote for him because of his sexuality. I’d suggest looking at his policies and making a determination from that… then vote for or against.
    Then there’s Bernie… he has used our economic and political systems for HIS benefit so he can promote the socialist system. He’s wealthy, not because of socialism, but because of the freedoms and opportunities we offer… even for an aging hustler like him. He used our system to gain power and wealth and now he wants socialism to maintain absolute power over the average person. He could have moved to Cuba and seen what communism and socialism accomplish… but he knew better.

  8. I wonder if someone would put Trump on the Dem ballot..
    It would be hilarious if he would win the Dem candidacy, and the run in November as both a Dem and an Rep….

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