Bolton BREAKS SILENCE After Impeachment – Look What He Has to Say

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Redstate News reports, John Bolton is apparently among the living. After months of speculation, leaks, and underhandedness by the former National Security Advisor, he’s finally decided to speak publicly about some of his accusations regarding Donald Trump and Ukraine.
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23 thoughts on “Bolton BREAKS SILENCE After Impeachment – Look What He Has to Say

  1. Trump made a big mistake from the get go when he picked Bolton. Bolton could NEVER be trusted by the President. Bolton has always been self-serving. I don’t trust anything he has to say even if he was not trying to sell a book.

    1. I for one feel Trump used him as a YO Yo on a string , as even I with a 3rd grade IQ . seen through John Bolton ,when he made his appearance on the FOX NEWS , and I never believed in the man.

  2. Bolton is nothing but a DELUSIONAL DERANGED BACK ! He is also a DELUSIONAL HABITUAL LIAR !
    I wouldn’t Trust him as far as I could SPIT ! He is know better than Romney and the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE LOWLIFES in the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST PARTY in the HOUSE AND SENATE !

  3. I love reading some comments , and giving a reply to some of them , But I would like for some of them to be brought up by those that give us our news as well , and let others all over our country hear what we have to say.

  4. Realistically Bolton is really a trigger happy individual who is not afraid to continue to send more and more of our brave soldiers and Marines into harms way. As President Trump has said if Bolton got his way America would be fighting more then a few factions in the Middle East. But we would be in the middle of a war with every nation in the Middle East and beyond.
    If someone like Senator Sanders is elected he will have the UN’s peace keepers on America’s home land here to squash any militia rebellion. If your not ready to defend the Constitution then equip yourself, and train for it. The time is now…

  5. I think this should be the example of what trump has been up against guys like gen traitor Kelly who knows all the rules how to lie about your boss Bolton went to the same school as u now know when a judge rules on a case that had nothing to do with trump calling it a cover up for trump that’s the real legacy of ohboona

  6. So it looks like Brad Pittaful made his ignorant statement too soon, so Brad ole boy who looks stupid now? Typical clueless brain dead Hollywood and the left always jumping before they know the facts,not that they care about Brad Pitt made to look like the clueless empty headed moron he is.

  7. Why does he keep saying, “I think”? Who gives a crap about what he thinks! Just the facts. And it’s still not impeachable.

  8. Maybe Trump should do a better job vetting the people he picks for his cabinet. It seems they all, sooner or later, turn on him so they can sell a book.

  9. I wonder if he is like all the other fired folks mad and feel Trump did wrong but knows he did not as Sondland did or believe he was the one in charge of policy and mad because Trump told him otherwise like Vindman??

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