BERNIE BOMBSHELL! Horrific Plan For Trump Supporters Caught On Camera! Stop Him Now!

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Joshua Caplan from Breitbart reports, An undercover video published by Project Veritas on Tuesday shows a field organizer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign saying Soviet gulags were actually a positive phenomenon, suggesting that some similar program could re-educate Trump supporters and billionaires.
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38 thoughts on “BERNIE BOMBSHELL! Horrific Plan For Trump Supporters Caught On Camera! Stop Him Now!

    1. I am with you…he is the only voice of sanity….the only Patriot we have seen in a long time….the only President wanting to help clean up corruption in the nation. Which is the main reason the evil ones are desperate…the know they will be no more!
      I pray for our great President every day…so many arrows coming at him and VP Pence. God bless them…I am grateful He has heard our cries for a land that truly is a nation under God.

  1. Have the Democrats learned, they are the new Socialist led Party following the Socialist agenda? Do they realize that Congress was led by the emotions of hysterical women angry at President Trump ? Why have they been so easily misled?

  2. Can there be any more of a idea of why these extremists are needed to be put out to pasture (or under it) when this is basically what the Democratic Party is all out to do? Let’s stop ‘em cold! The Senate better wake up and stop their dilly-dallying around or some of them should join with these nuts. mjr

  3. The democrats have put this country exactly where Spain stood in 1936, they will get the civil war they want, but they will not like the outcome. republicans trying to talk to democrats is a waste of time. a Russian general in the 1st world war when told his troops were fraternizing with the Germans issued an order “any conversion with the enemy should be at the point of a bayonet

  4. Bernie Sanders claims his health plan will work for everyone. Medicare. Retired people already pay 100 to 200 dollars for medicare which is limited. Bernie’s claims no co pays, no deductible. Retires already pay 4,000 dollars out of pocket. For Bernie to make his plan work the rate retires pay will go up to 600 dollars per month to help pay for illegals.

  5. Get this psycho’s picture, with and without beard, on every paper that will print it so patriots will know who to target first when he starts his little temper tantrum.

  6. I think that Donald Trump is the best President for the USA ! I Support him 100 % ! I Can’t believe what the Democrats have done ! But we have the ability to get them out , and keep them out ! Let’s do it , what do ya say !

  7. Trump Supporters are superior in America! We are programmed to win bigly! Bernie Sanders and his weak supporters allowed HRC and BHO to take them out! So they have lost their credibility on the streets!
    MAGA tattoos will be the biggest thing after the Trump win! The idiots for Bernie will be in prison after they try to hurt cops, they are very stupid people! MAGA BEEOTCH!!

  8. Bernie supporters are obviously the dregs of society and not even a threat! We are superior people, we win! MAGA-NRA!

  9. Bernie wouldn’t win if Trump wasn’t even running! The Bernie supporters did nothing after Hillary stole their nomination, they are all talk and no walk! MAGA!

  10. Bernie supporters better stay in Milwaukee, maybe they are safe there! If they wander to the southeast they are hurt! Bigly! MAGA!

  11. In Nov., 2016, I was in a hospital in NJ. Election night there was miserable- cold and raining. I had to wait until my brother got home from work and he came to the hospital and picked me up. We went to my polling station and I was in a wheelchair and rolled myself in and cast my ballot for-guess who?-Mr. Trump! Back I went for another 8 days there. But I made sure my vote was counted. Now I’m living in NC and you’d better believe I’ll be at my polling site again in Nov., 2020! Mr. Trump has my vote again. I’ll be 77 yo by then and I hope I live long enough to cast that ballot.

    1. Diane, I’m 87 and suffering from terminal cancer. Doing well enough to hope I will be able to vote for Pres. Trump again. I’ve seen a lot in 87 years and I can tell you the Dems destroy everything they touch. Just look at once beautiful California. I grew up in Washington, D.C. Baltimore was already a place to avoid in the 40s. We thought we would never get rid of Roosevelt and were happy when term limits were voted in. Now we need them for all in Congress. Heaven help you all if the Dems get in again with their Socialism.

  12. Sanders And His Whole Staff Should Be Arrested And Charge With TREASON Then Sent To GITMO We Should Also Bring Back The Death Penitly For This Crime


  14. Bernie is out of his mind, we need to educate him on how American built this country and soldiers have fought and died for our FREEDOM,

  15. Think about this, Bernie was not the first presidential hopeful. FDR ran his first Presidential bid as a socialist and lost. He switched To the democratic party and won. Can we believe he totally gave up is socialist beliefs. He is still the hero of the democrats. The democratic socialist party is still active and I will remain a republican. Donald Trump can count on my vote.He is trying to keep his promise to Make America Great Again, and the democrats can take a long walk off a short pier.

  16. Bernie is showing his true self . He calls himself a Socialist but that is just Bernie speak for Communist . Think back to the Russian Revolution , the violent riots and attacks in the streets . Lennins secret police , then Joe Stalin’s iron fist tactics and Kruchevs bullying tough guy act at the UN . What’s next Bernie , you gonna take off your shoe and pound it on the table while slobbering and spitting at the next debate ?
    This clown collected welfare for 20 years after collage ,living in a shed in mommy and daddy back yard . Entered politics in his 40’s to collect even more welfare (his salary) then moved on to senator and collects even more .
    This fossil is now a multi millionsure and never worked a day in his life . He wanta to be president to collect even more welfare . All collected from you and I , the taxpayers . And when we can’t work any longer throw us aside . His idea of giving us healthcare will be to euthanize us slowly and subtlety .
    Sorry Bernie go to some other country with that nonsense . Take AOC with you , all you dictators love to have you mistresses .

  17. hmmmmm, wonder if this was a republican spy sent in to derail the Bernie Train. If so it was pointless as Bernie is already going off the tracks. Personally I would like to see Bernie get the nomination as I think he has less chance than Biden. And if Bloomberg as nay chance at all it will be the starting point of Civil War II.

  18. Bernie, liarwatha, hitlery, bloomjerk, piglosi, obonga, and the rest of that totally disgusting Godless, left wing, liberal, demonrat socialist, unpatriotic Trump haters should all be charged with Treason and sent to Gitmo, or better, somewhere in Siberia with no way to ever escape. These p.o.s. are not only a threat to America but they pose a threat to our whole planet.

  19. Bernie is a despicable person who is a Communist in every way and wants us all to be under his dictatorship. I heard him say the other day he wants total control of the internet and healthcare and education. That leaves nothing else. Our country was not set up for Socialism and the Dems. know that, they also know they would have to get Trump out of the way to have it. Pray for Donald Trump. He has a wild mouth sometimes, but he is actually the best Pres. we have ever had.

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