AOC BLINDSIDED After Scientific Study Shoots Down Her Newly Proposed Bill

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John Salvatore from Flag and Cross reports, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) is not going to like this new research that proves her wrong. She’ll probably disregard the study as “fake news” or right-wing propaganda, but obviously that isn’t the case.
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44 thoughts on “AOC BLINDSIDED After Scientific Study Shoots Down Her Newly Proposed Bill

  1. Where is the meat in this sandwich? We all know that AOC is slightly smarter than a handful of sand, but only slightly smarter, but what was the brainless bill about? Was she suggesting we go to the Sun by landing at night?


        1. I’m not for abortions for any reason. However everyone does have a purpose per the Bible but the Bible says Jacob I loved esau I hated. God new us before we were born. So if you can tell me one good thing about aoc I’ll listen but for now I’m going with the evil misplaced by satan

        2. The whole worlds population could be placed in Texas on 1/4 acre lots. When they say man occupies 1/5 of the earth’s surface, this should show you why. What the worlds’ population are suitcases. Also, the worlds population is shrinking at an alarming rate

          1. Charlie, the world population is growing at a rate of 83 million a year and only a 27% chance that it would stabilize by 2100.

    1. YEAH , THAT’S a GREAT IDEA ! AOC will be the First MUSLIM to EVER be LAUCHED IN SPACE ! She’s right on Track ,I truly believe if she were to Land on the BACK of the SUN , Just Look at what she Has Done for HUMANITY !

  2. How in god’s name did this moron ever get elected
    Things have to change in congress A hole Cortez has no business being in congress along with the other terrorists they know who I mean my god this woman is the dumbest person in congress please resign go back to school learn more about American history

    1. She’s in congress because the voters are stupid. Congress would put a blind goat in there if the liberals voted for it. When Americans wake up and find out they have been brain washed for the last forty years and their kids have been brain washed for the last twenty years we might just be able to squeak by without finding ourselves controlled by Socialists, Marxists or Communists. When term limits are retroactive and the swamp is drained and the doors of congress are opened to sunshine and fresh air America may become, again the responsible governments she was meant to be. Without responsible people watching our government has drifted so far to the left we have almost reached the point of no return. Are Americans going to wake up and return to sanity or are they going to sacrifice the American dream for the scraps of free, free, free everything for everyone who crosses our borders that socialism promises to dole out to them.

  3. This moron is dumber than the rocks that are fracked, maybe her head is filled with them. We seriously need to get peoplelieher out of government, and ban from reproducing.

  4. Great comment Ivy!! The landing on the sun at night had me rolling on the floor sounds like something brain dead AOC would say. But I don’t believe she is smarter than a handful of sand!!How in the hell do we get rid of a useless human being were everything that comes out of her mouth is non fact BS. We need to get morons like her and other insane democrats out of office in 2020.The only thing green about her green New Deal is how much money it’s costing us taxpayers.American voters if you like and want to keep your money you got to elect President Trump again in 2020.

  5. We already know how ignorant she is. She know’s zero about economics, she is a hypocrite, the list goes on and on. But for her to enter the field of modern Gas and Oil technology amazes me. The average well is more than 8,000 feet deep, concrete encased steel lined pipe. I am not sure of any Water Table that is that deep. One more question for her would be. What Species could survive on Earth without Fossil Fuel. Answer: ZERO Why? The Sun

  6. How much credibility can a bartender have when it comes to scientific issues. She gave up her true calling when she decided to become a politician.

  7. Apparently the voters that put her in office are mostly the customers she had at the bar. If they can’t figure out how totally ignorant she is about current events, geography , history , environmental facts , and the laws of our country by now it is a useless situation to explain .

  8. AOC claims to have two degrees, one being in economics. What a joke. I don’t believe she earned them. She’s being manipulated and Boston was paid off, possibly Soros.

    1. @ Frank: She probably got into College because of Affirmative Action.
      We can see how well Affirmative Action has worked out for the country. Any idiot can get into college as long as they are not a White person. SAT scores be raaaacisss, don’t cha know???

    2. She probably had to be on her knees alot! What a joke. Like Ron White said “You can’t fix stupid.” AOC is the proof! Land on the Sun at night?! LOL!! Every time she opens her mouth nothing but STUPID comes out!!

  9. AOC has got to be one of the smartest women in the Democrat party so if you vote Democrat this Time you may rank with all the amebic cells in this world!
    Vote Democrat in November and she may one day be Bernie’s VP!

  10. Pole dancing. She should try pole dancing instead of this government representative gig. She maybe wouldn’t flaunt her ignorance as much. Just a thought…

  11. When her term is up. Send her back to her country of origin. Put a $500 bail on her
    If found send her back with a $100,00 fine each time she sneaks back into the usa. Maybe we could put her in p.t. barnum & baily as the horse woman

  12. Remember in the Bible God put confusion in the minds of His enemies to render them ineffective? Just look at our enemies’ (all who hate America) eyes when the talk. Something is waaaaaaaay off in their minds.

  13. Wouldnt it be nice if just once liberals / democrats would have even part of a clue before they run off to screw with our lives! I am so sick of the retarded liberal screaming insanely about things they know nothing. It is proof they are not self aware and therefore it ks legal to abort them

  14. Once again AOC shows she’s so incredibly stupid that all a person can do at this point is laugh! Not knowing how to run a garbage disposal was bad enough. I’m still laughing at the famous “We don’t need farmers. We have grocery stores.” Landing on the sun at night? AOC should leave politics and go into comedy. I have to admit that she is funny and it’s hard to believe someone could really be that stupid.

  15. She’s slightly less intelligent than a bag of hair. I figured she’d be used to getting blindsided by now…at least where facts are concerned. What a ‘dips**t’.

  16. “John Salvatore from Flag and Cross reports, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) is not going to like this new research that proves her wrong. She’ll probably disregard the study as “fake news” or right-wing propaganda, but obviously that isn’t the case.” – NEW RESEARCH? THAT”S A LIE.

    The study dates back to 2016 and only applies to the Utica shale region – not fracking in other places. There is much evidence that fracking has contaminated water elsewhere.
    When this study was done – AOC was not in Congress so this study “blindsiding” her is BS.
    Studies done after the UC study have shown that fracking has caused contamination of the water. The comments here show the ignorance of people who don’t bother to do their research and rely on others.

    This denial of the effects of fracking remind me of big tobacco’s denial of the effects of smoking on health.

  17. I can’t even listen to her talk, it’s like you know, the environment is like the bar, like you know people who drink to much, like then they have to pee and like that’s bad for the environment, you know like it wastes water, like maybe they could use Depends, but like that would be bad for the environment toooo, like…. I really can’t stand that idiot and the fact she has a say in our Constitutional Republic. !!

  18. AOC learned everything about the oil and gas industry from Hunter Biden. After all, he’s an expert, what with being on the board of Burisma and such.

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